Push notifications are an important part of keeping your users engaged with your app. In fact, we believe that it is so important, we added new features to keep them interesting and fun for your users, and easy for you to continuously update them.

Notification Title and Message

As the only required fields here, it wouldn’t hurt to go over what the Notification Title and Message are.

The Title is the bolded text that will appear above your message. Tapping this notification will take your users into your app. This content is the only content that will appear in the notifications window of your user’s phone.

Rich Message

The Rich Message portion is very different from the Message box.

First off, Rich Message uses a Text WYSIWYG. This gives you more customization options for your text. You can change the font settings, add images, add links, and even embed videos. This is the message that will appear after you tap on the notification and are taken into the app.

Use this to expand on your message and add in more detail and information on the original notification.

Action Items

Action Items allow you to include a button that will appear at the bottom of the Rich Message. This button can be linked to anything, like a Plugin within the app or to your website. If you notification is referring to an update to your app, then the link can lead your user straight to the new content or updated section.

RSS Feed Update

Now, you can plan automatic notifications to go out in conjunction with an RSS Feed. At BuildFire we monitor our RSS feed (http://buildfire.com/feed) and whenever we post a new article it sends out a Push Notification alert letting our subscribers know we have a new article. You can choose to monitor RSS changes Daily (once a day) or Hourly (once every hour). When it notices a change in that feed it will trigger your notification.

Play around with the notifications to see what works best for your app! We recommend sending out a test notification first, just to make sure everything looks the way you want it to, before sending it out to all of your users.

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