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We’ve got a product update for you regarding Terms of Use and Privacy Policies.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policies are required to be present and readily accessible at all times on all apps.

Let’s first talk about the app and then we’ll discuss how you can configure it if you’re a Reseller.

I’ll go ahead and ask then answer some questions you might have about this new feature.


Where does it appear on your apps?

Since it has to be present and readily accessible at all times, we’ve added it to the bottom of the side menu.

What do the terms cover?

In short, it covers Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and the Acceptable Use Policy. You can review the terms at buildfire.com/terms***

Why can you not remove it?

Per Google’s policies, if the terms of use is removed, your app will be in violation of their requirements and will be in danger of being either suspended or completely banned from Google Play, well… in the words of one of my favorite movies of all time…

I’m a Reseller and I’d like to link it to my own terms. Can I do that?

Definitely! You can link to your terms in app configurations.

But if you don’t have your own terms of use, we’ve got you covered. By default, all of your configurations will link to support.appdocumentation.com/terms

Thanks for choosing BuildFire.

Here’s to your success!

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