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About Roles and Permissions

Administrative permissions allow you to set various roles and associated permissions for those who have access to edit your app via the control panel.

IMPORTANT: If you want to restrict certain plugins in your app to specific app users, you can do that through the user tags.

That article can be found here:
User Management and Tagging Tutorial

Roles and Permission Types

We’ll be releasing more roles over time as they are requested, but currently, the roles are as follows:

  • App Admin: These users will have full access to app including user management
  • App Owner: These users will have access to everything except user management
  • App Editor: These users can only add and edit content, but cannot publish and cannot access user management.

How to define roles via the App Control Panel

Here’s how you can create or adjust your roles in the app control panel:

  • Click “Permissions” under User Management
  • Click “Add User”
  • Fill out their email address. If they're already registered in the system, you don’t have to enter their name. If they are not already registered... 
  • Enter their first and last name
  • Select their permission level
  • And click “Invite”

This will set their role and send them an invitation email.

How to define roles via the White Label Admin Control Panel

If you’re a White Label Reseller and you need to adjust user roles, you can do so by:

  • Logging into your admin control panel
  • Clicking User Management
  • Finding the user you want
  • And then clicking “Manage”

Using this method, you also have the option to make someone a White Label Account Admin by clicking this checkbox.

Now get out there and make sure your team knows their role.

Here’s to your success!

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