Plugin Licenses are a feature of the Dev Portal that we created in order to give you more autonomy and control over the usage of your plugins by limiting who can use them and how often.

Creating a Plugin License

Go to Licenses then Generate New License Key select the plugin you’d like to create a new license key for then select the number of installs you’d like to allow for this specific key.

If you’d like to allow unlimited installs on this key, feel free to check this box here.

Then click Generate. A new license key for that plugin should appear in this list.

Copy This License Key. We’ll need to paste it somewhere later.

Now, there are two ways to add a plugin license. You can add it to a configuration or you can add it to just one account.

How to Add it to a Configuration

Adding a plugin license to a configuration will give any app under that configuration access to that plugin.

To add this to a configuration, go to your admin control panel and click Plugin Licenses.

Click Add New License and on this next screen, give the license a name and paste the key here.

Now go to the configurations section, select the configuration you’d like to add it to OR create a new configuration.

Scroll down — you’ll see that below the Stock Plugins section, there will be a section for Plugin Licenses.

This is where the plugin you just added should now appear.

Select the license you’d like to activate and click Save.

Every app with that configuration will now have access to that plugin license.

How to Add it to One Account

Go to that account’s CP. You can do this by clicking on Control Panel in your Dev Portal, or by opening the app under app management in your admin control panel.

On the CP, click on Plugins and Install New Plugin. Paste the license key here and click Install.

The Plugin should now appear in your list of plugins.

You can manage your plugin licenses under the Licenses tab in your dev portal.

You can view who has access to the license, Revoke license keys, and change the number of installs allowed on that license.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at We wish you the best of luck in your development!

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