What is the Plugin Marketplace?

The plugin Marketplace is an ecosystem of solutions and possibilities. It exists right within the app control panel and is available to tens of thousands of customers, thus making it a perfect opportunity to showcase your work and earn some extra cash.

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What must I include in my plugin?

You'll at least need to have a 1 paragraph overview explaining to a user what the plugin does and who it is for and a video walkthrough or demo page of how to setup the plugin and use the plugin.

You can check out our plugin marketplace guidelines here.

How to submit your plugin to the marketplace:

  1. Log into your developer account
  2. Go to "Plugin Manager" in the left hand menu
  3. Upload your Plugin to your Plugin Manager
  4. Go to the "Marketplace" in the left hand menu
  5. If you plan on selling your plugins, enter your Stripe account's "Secret Key" and "Publishable Key". Note: You can still offer plugins for free in the marketplace if you don't have a Stripe account.
  6. Scroll down to "Plugins in the Marketplace"
  7. Click "Submit Plugin"
  8. Choose your plugin from the dropdown list of plugins that exist in your Plugin Manager, choose your price,  agree to the terms, and click "Submit to Marketplace"

What happens after I submit my plugin?

To ensure both quality and safety for our customers, each plugin will undergo a review process.

So here's the skinny on the Marketplace review process:

  1. You submit your plugin via the developer portal
  2. Our review team is notified and is placed into their queue
  3. Our team reviews it to ensure its quality and that it adheres to our Marketplace guidelines
  4. Our team will either approve it and release it to the marketplace or they will reject it and email you with comments. Note: You can also see a log of comments by clicking on the status.
  5. Should your plugin be rejected, you can make the necessary adjustments and resubmit it for review.

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