At BuildFire, we love developers and we're stoked you've chosen to join our team!

The Marketplace is an ecosystem of solutions and possibilities that opens up an opportunity for you to reach (and sell to) tens of thousands of customers with your plugins.

To help you in the process of achieving a truly great user experience (and selling the most plugins you can), we've put together some guidelines.

Lets build something great together!

User Interface / User Experience

Customers love consistency! UI/UX is vital to creating successful plugins that people love and will want to buy.

User Interface
In order to keep a consistent experience throughout the system, your plugins should:

  • Be consistent with our control panel and app styling (Bootstrap)
  • Inherit the styling set in appearance
  • Follow industry standard button placements, such as "Cancel" on the left and "Save/OK" on the right

User Experience
In order to keep a consistent experience throughout the system, your plugins should:

  • Only have top tabs that are in use. If they are not, they should not exist.
  • Load in under 1000ms. Note: There may be more data to be loaded however the UI structure should be in place by this time.
  • Take less than 100ms to save
  • Take less than 10ms for animations
  • Lazy Load when possible to create a smooth flow
  • Cache when possible to optimize loading times

Marketplace Listing

The marketplace listing is intended to help customers get an idea of what your plugin does (and why they should buy it!). As such, your listing should:

  • Clearly communicate the functionality of your plugin with a description that is at least one paragraph long
  • Include screenshots of your plugin so customers can see what it looks like
  • Include a video walkthrough or demo page of how to setup and use the plugin

Development Standards

While we try to keep the BuildFire.js framework as agnostic and web friendly as possible it is important to understand your codes environment to be fine tune your plugins for performance.

Mobile app users are extremely demanding and do not tolerate lag very well. So what you can get away with on the web you may not be able to on mobile. The following link contains a list of tips recommended by the BuildFire dev team.


We take our security, our customers' security, and your security seriously. Therefore, your plugins must comply with all of our Terms. You'll want to read them all, but here are a few pretty straight forward ones. Your plugin:

  • Must not seek or attempt to gain access in any form, whether active or passive, to privileged information such as usernames, passwords, bank account information, etc.
  • Must adhere to Apple/Google policies or any third party software for which it integrates or represents


It is inappropriate to use the BuildFire platform or any electronic products and/or services for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes, or in support of such activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Obscenities (nudity, pornography, vulgarities, etc.)
  • Copyrighted material that does not belong to you


Your plugin must comply with all BuildFire terms and conditions, privacy policies, and agreements.

BuildFire reserves the right to remove plugins, block users, block developers and/or restrict access and use of the marketplace at any time and for any reason.

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