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You’ve learned about BuildFire, what the control panel is, the difference between marketplace features and core features, some common components you’ll run into, and how to publish your app.

So by now, you’ve got this awesome app. I mean, your competition is jealous and your audience is thrilled.

Now is the time to ask yourself, “What next?”

In this lesson, I’ll give you some insight on how to give your app the greatest chance for success.

Market Your App

Promote your app through traditional marketing

Associating your app with your identity is not limited only to online collateral. You can promote your app in almost any marketing material you put out, from traditional print advertisements, to catalogs, brochures, and even your email signature.

Use social media, but don’t solely rely on it

While it is true that social media can bring in great results, the amount of variables that influence this means that not all businesses will reap the same benefits.

The average half-life of a tweet is only 24 minutes (versus 90 minutes for a Facebook post), and that Facebook posts that aren’t boosted only reach between one to two percent of your audience, it’s important not to rely exclusively on social media to boost the visibility of your app.

Incentivise Your Users to Download Your App

The law of reciprocity is a powerful one. It’s why samples work so well. When you give someone something, they feel as though they need to reciprocate.

So, instead of putting up digital and tangible collateral that simply says, “Download our App,” explain to them the benefits of why they should download your app and even consider giving them a special incentive if they do so.

Create contests or giveaways for your users to incentivize them to download your app or stay engaged.

For example, you could run a giveaway throughout the month of June and the way they enter is to download your app and create an account. Then you pick one lucky winner to win your super awesome prize.

Remember, once they’ve downloaded your app, you can now reach out to them through push notifications and have acquired prime marketing real estate right on the very device they have at all times.

Keep promoting, even after launch

Any marketing you employ in promoting your app shouldn’t be limited to what you put out immediately following the launch.

Write about it periodically on your blog, ensure that the app store badges are prominently displayed on your website, have tangible collateral, and mention it every few weeks on your social media accounts.

Use the Power of Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a great way to communicate instantly to your user base.

With our Selective Push Notifications, you’ll be able to send your message to the right users at the right time by creating groups (or channels) to which the users can subscribe, selecting a single user, or targeting multiple users based on custom parameters.

You can even schedule notifications so that you can set it and forget it.

… I feel like I’ve heard that somewhere before...

To help you leverage the power of Push Notifications, we’ve put together a dedicated article about how to create engaging push notifications here and a dedicated push notification tutorial here.

Leverage Native Personalized Features

There are several marketplace features that personalize the experience for your users. And, because they require the user to login to use it, you’ll have a better chance of them giving you information that you can then use to market to them.

The Social Wall

The Social Wall is an amazing way to keep your users engaged and allow them to communicate regularly with one another.

This feature is like a chatroom. Your users can go there to create discussions, comment on existing ones, and even share images. A user can choose to follow the social wall and they will receive push notifications when other users post to the wall they’re following or if other users comment on or like a post they’ve made.


The Loyalty plugin is a great feature that allows your users to accumulate points and then redeem these points for specials and incentives that you offer. 

Unlike other “punch card” systems, our Loyalty Plugin works for any type of business because it allows you to set the promotions you want with an associated redemption point value that you feel is appropriate based on profit margin and availability.


Coupons are a great way to re-engage your users and might just be what nudges your customers into spending money with you.

Whether you have one location or multiple locations, the Coupon plugin provides your users with coupons that are mappable, filterable, and searchable.

When you combine these strategies, you’ll not only create initial user adoption, but also ongoing engagement.

In this series, we’ve covered everything from how to build your app, to how to publish your app, to some methods to keep your users engaged.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at support@buildfire.com and we’d be happy to help.

Thanks for choosing BuildFire!

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  2. How to Build Your App (Core Features)
  3. How to Build Your App (Common Standardized Components)
  4. How to Publish Your App
  5. What to Do Once Your App is Live

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