Apps provides a way for church goers to keep in contact every other day of the week, not just Sunday. A sense of camaraderie is necessary to having a thriving church community. BuildFire is able to provide you with a system to do that.


Keeping in touch is important in keeping your religious community alive. Whether it’s staying in contact with other campuses or staying in contact after mass ends, our plugins provide you several options to do this.

With the Social Plugin, you could create different chatrooms dedicated to the groups that exist within your community. In the chatrooms, users can send messages and share photos and videos. Our Church Template has a Prayer Wall, which is an example of how you can utilize the plugin. You could also create Social Walls for Youth Groups, Bible Study, and so on. Anyone who interacts with the wall will receive a notification of any new activity within it.

Our Places Plugin is a sleek way to showcase important locations. An example if it is use on the Church Template is through Home Groups and Campus Locations. This will make it super easy for any user to find new ways to immerse themselves in the community outside of the main church. They could find out which home groups meet nearby, or even visit another campus location while traveling. From the Places Plugin, they can access the location, contact information, and read a brief description of the place.


Funding a church can be tough. Another possible source of revenue could come from your app. Our Church Template has a Donations icon as an example of how you can do this. Simply create a WebView Plugin and then insert the link to a mobile-friendly website that has a donations page on it. Now anyone can give your church money at anytime they want from just their phone.


The most compelling reason to create an app is probably to take advantage of the Notifications feature. You can control the notifications in your app under the Notifications section of the sidebar in the control panel. Send new notifications under the Notification Center, create user groups under Groups, and keep track of your Users under User.

Pro Tip: Requiring a login for some of your plugins helps you gather information on your users, thereby allowing you to send notifications to the right users!

With smartphone users constantly on the rise, a mobile app is just another tool you can use to keep your church members connected. So what are you waiting for? Start building!

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