Whether your main business is a store or you’re an organization or individual who has merchandise to sell on the side, an app is another great way to get your products to your customers. Fifty percent of all e-commerce traffic comes from mobile devices, while 30% of all e-commerce sales occur on mobile phones now. The difference is speculated to be due to people shopping on their phones first, then making final purchases on a PC. Regardless, mobile shopping is on the rise. What better way to take advantage of it than with an economical and scalable app? BuildFire streamlines this process with our Shopify integration, Smooch integration, loyalty program, and notifications.

Shopify Integration

Our Ecommerce Plugin only requires you to input your store name for your Shopify account to integrate into the app. The app will auto-populate your entire inventory into the plugin, leaving you to simply select one of several design layout options to organize your products. If you don’t have a Shopify account, feel free to sign up for an account here.

Direct Link to Your Store

If you’d rather link directly to your store — no sweat. BuildFire has a solution for that too and it’s our WebView Plugin. Just copy-paste your store link into the plugin and your users will be one tap away from accessing your site within the app.

Ease of Communication

Smooch.io*** is one of our newest plugins, focused specifically on congregating all communication channels into one location. This makes it easy for users to reach out to you and for you to keep track of what they’re all saying across all channels. Smooch integrates with Zendesk, Slack, Help Scout and more. To learn more about Smooch, click here.***


The most compelling reason to create an app is probably to take advantage of the Notifications feature. You can control the notifications in your app under the Notifications section of the sidebar in the control panel. Send new notifications under the Notification Center, create user groups under Groups, and keep track of your Users under User.

Pro Tip: Requiring a login for some of your plugins helps you gather information on your users, thereby allowing you to send notifications to the right users!

On top of these plugins, Buildfire was built with simple design and ease-of-use in mind. Browsing the app is expected to be a nice experience and only adds to the customer experience with your store.

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