The educator’s reach should extend beyond the classroom, and having an app helps with that. Phones get a bad rap in the classroom, but there is a way to utilize this necessary evil for good! Whether you’re a K-12 educator, a college professor, or a tutor, you’ll find that an app can be pretty symbiotic with the class.

Quick Access to Schoolwork

Ever pass out a syllabus only to have all your students lose it? Or announce an important test date only to see nobody write it down? This issue could be resolved by simply inputting all of that information in an app that they can access anytime, chocked full of all the important information they need. Our Text WYSIWYG Plugin allows you to insert important text and images pertaining to homework or tests. If you have this information online somewhere, like a syllabus or worksheet, then simply copy paste in a Dropbox link or a direct link to the website hosting it.

Events Calendar

School spirit is important too! To encourage students to go to school events, have the calendar available at their fingertips. Use our Events Manual plugin to manually enter in the events or the Events Feed plugin to sync it to an iCal. For more information on how to do this, click here.

Our Social Plugin allows the students and teachers to be easier to reach than by email, while being less intrusive than giving out their personal phone number. Anyone who interacts with a social wall will receive a notification whenever someone posts or comments, so you can insure that everyone sees the same messages too, just in case anyone else has the same question. It can also be a safe and secure network by requiring a login before posting, so everyone can keep track of who’s saying what.


Probably the most compelling reason to build an app is to utilize the notifications feature. Buildfire allows you to type up and schedule out notifications. It’d be useful to remind students to do a certain homework assignment, study for an upcoming test, or turn in a paper — especially as a reminder over vacations. If applicable, you can use it to send out friendly “Happy Holidays!” or “Have a great Spring Break!” to keep a friendly relationship up with your students.

If it seems like they’re always on their phones, instead of try to fight it, why not work with it? It might seem counterintuitive to some educators to create an app for the classroom, but we hope you’re now convinced of how it might work!

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