If you run a meetup group, book club, school or work organization, or any type of social group, an app is a special mobile space that you can create, just for your members. It’s a form of instantaneous interaction that you can have with them.  It can be a space to share the activity calendar, facilitate conversation, remind people of special events, and reward high-performing users.


Gone are the days of “Oh I forgot it was today!” and “Oh that was on Facebook? I’m rarely on that.” as excuses for not showing up. You need a centralized location that has all the events that is easily accessible, user-friendly, and hassle-free.

On BuildFire, we have both the Events Feed Plugin and the Events Manual Plugin that is specifically for this purpose. Schedule meetups times and locations and any non-regular events for easy access anytime. Updating it is a cinch and all you have to do to notify everyone of a new event is to send out a notification after you publish your changes.


Not everyone has social media, and group chats and email chains can get annoying really quick. Forums and chat rooms are old school and most aren’t mobile friendly. And app that has a chatroom specifically built into it could solve this issue. Create a special space just for your members outside of social media, emails, and text. With our Social Plugin, you can send texts, pictures, and images to one another in a seamless chatroom-like style. It’s just another great way to keep in touch with one another.


The most compelling reason to create an app is probably to take advantage of the Notifications feature. You can control the notifications in your app under the Notifications section of the sidebar in the control panel. Send new notifications under the Notification Center, create user groups under Groups, and keep track of your Users under User.

Pro Tip: Requiring a login for some of your plugins helps you gather information on your users, thereby allowing you to send notifications to the right users!


When monetary incentive isn’t the biggest motivation to keep an organization running, other incentive systems are vital to keeping a social group running. While the Loyalty Plugin was created for business loyalty programs in mind, we’ve been impressed here at BuildFire seeing all the creative ways our users have used it in this way. One pertinent application for a social app would be to use it to keep track of member participation. You can rewards points for attendance, volunteer hours, donating, or any other activities you’d like to incentivize your members to do.

Creating an app for social organizations is a great way to just keep in touch with all the members. Not everyone has social media, and email is too formal a technology for that. Apps allow for a casual and instantaneous interaction that can help keep a social organization thriving.

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