Ninety-five percent of your app can be updated, changed, and published without a resubmission. This means that you can make edits to plugins, add in photos, take out text and once you hit the Publish button, your app will be updated almost instantaneously.

However, what is the last 5% of content that will require a resubmission?

They are:

  • App Icon
  • App Icon Name
  • Loading Screens
  • Publishing Information
  • Apple Specific Publishing Information
  • Android Specific Publishing Information

A resubmission is required if you changed anything under Appearance > Branding.

As well as if you change anything under Settings > Publishing Info. This goes for the Publishing Information section, Apple Specific Publishing Information, and Android Specific Publishing Information.

Plugins, images, text, video, fonts, colors — everything else, you can change without worrying about resubmitting to the app stores. These changes will appear almost immediately within your app. Otherwise, a resubmission will put your app back into Apple and Google’s review process and take several weeks to update.

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