One of the most asked for plugins on Buildfire is one for forms. We’ve heard everyone’s concerns and created one called JotForm. But if you’re looking to integrate Google Forms specifically, you still can!

First, you’ll have to add a WebView plugin.

Add a WebView Plugin

Go to Plugins then Add Plugin.

Search for the WebView plugin then click Add Instance.

Give your Plugin Instance a name. We recommend naming it after whatever you’re linking in your WebView Plugin.

Cool! Your WebView plugin instance now exists. Let’s now move onto adding your Google Form.

Insert Google Form Into WebView Plugin

Go to Send Form.

Copy this link.

Paste the link under URL and click Validate.

We’re not done yet! You now have to add the plugin instance somewhere in your app. Let’s add it to the Launcher Plugin.

Add Google Form WebView Plugin Instance to Launcher Plugin

Go to Launcher Plugin then click on Add Plugin Instance.

From the list that appears, search up the name of your Google Form WebView Plugin Instance and then add it. It should now appear on your Launcher Plugin!

Download the Buildfire Previewer to check it out before you publish.

You can use this exact same set of steps to link to Google Docs, Google Sheets or anything in your Google Drive folders!

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