The Seminar Notes Plugin allows users to take and save personal notes on your seminar, lecture, and sermon notes. You can even embed images and videos, and include links to PDFs, webpages, other resources, and more.

What are some ways that you can use the Seminar Notes Plugin?

The Seminar Notes Plugin was made for Education, Conference, and Church apps in mind, but as with all of our plugins, a little creativity can make them applicable to any industry! Technically, if you have a presentation that you’d like your viewers to take notes on, this would be super helpful (such as for a company meeting).

Who is this for?

Tutors, lecturers, professors, teachers, conference speakers, pastors, and all presentation givers from pretty much any industry.

What do I put in the Content Section?

This could include every bit of information in your seminar or it could be a quick glance at your seminar, thus putting the focus on the note-taking aspect of the plugin instead

Some uses for this section can be, but are not limited to:

  • Summary of your seminar
  • Bullet-pointed summary of your lecture
  • Transcription of your speech
  • Some information about the seminar plus a bio
  • Important questions and thoughts to keep in mind during the seminar
  • Passage that the sermon is based on

What do I put in the Links/Actions Section?

Think of this section as a having a “secondary resource” purpose. You can add presentations, worksheets, homework, PDF files, websites, additional resources, social media, sources, and audio and video recordings of the seminar.

With our new Deep Linking feature, you can also use this section to link to other parts of your app. For example, if you already have your resources available in your app via a Webview, Media Center, YouTube, Vimeo or whatever other Plugin, then you can simply add it in by clicking on Add Link/Action, Link to App Content, then selecting the Plugin you’d like to link to.

How can my users use the Seminar and Lecture Notes Plugin?

Add Notes

They can use it to take notes on your seminar, lecture, sermon, or presentation. To do that, they’ll simply tap on the seminar that they’d like to take notes on, then tap on “Add New Note.” It’s as easy as that!

Bookmark Notes

They can also bookmark your seminars by clicking on these two sections here:

Search for Notes

After a while, your app might be FILLED with content, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible for your user to find your seminars. They can do so by using the search function.

Cool! What about everything else on there?

I’m glad you asked!

Items: These are your seminars, lectures, sermons, presentations or whatever you’d like to fill your Seminar Notes Plugin out with. Tapping on an item will take you to the seminar itself.

Notes: This is where all of your users’ notes will be stored.

Bookmarks: The bookmarks that your users make will appear in this section here.

Search: Use this to search for a specific seminar.

Open Menu Options: This part is tied to the “Links/Actions” part of your control panel. Whatever links and resources you insert here will appear to your user when they tap on “Open Menu Options.”

Open Note List: This is where all of your user’s notes will be stored.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team at We hope you enjoy using the Seminar Notes Plugin!

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