*NEEDS UPDATING*Hi! Linh here. Today I’m going to show you how to build a restaurant app using our Restaurant Template.

First things first, you’ll notice that the carousel features photos of the food, a background image, and a logo from the restaurant. You can change this to feature your photos under Home Plugin. Just click the red X to delete the stock photos, and Add Image to upload yours. Design is where you can change the Logo and Background Image. Click on the default images directly and you’ll see a window pop up. Upload an image to our system, or select one that you have already uploaded. We’ve now successfully changed the logo and background image.

Whenever you want to go back to the home screen of your app, just click on Home Plugin in the sidebar and it’ll take you straight back. Now that your app is looking a bit more like your restaurant and a lot less like a default plugin, let’s start filling out the rest of it! I’ll briefly take you on a tour of all of the plugins and show you how to edit them. If you’d like a more in-depth tutorial on how to do this, please watch our 2-Minute Overview Video.

Menu is a Folder plugin. You can always tell what Plugin you’re currently in by looking at the top here. This folder is organized in the same way a regular paper Menu is. Your customers can use it to decide on what they’ll order before they get to your restaurant or to show their friends your cuisine to convince them to eat there next time.

If you click on Breakfast, for instance, you’ll be taken to another Folder Plugin that in turn houses several Text WISYWIG plugins which then have more information on the dish. Let’s start by changing a Breakfast dish. Click on Breakfast, then the first Text WISYWIG plugin. I’m going to change the title to the name of my dish, replace this photo, and input some information on my dish. Your changes should be applied automatically. You can tell because it will say “Saving” at the top of the screen. Now when you click the back arrow, you’ll see your new dish populate on this screen.

Let’s say you only have that one Breakfast dish. How would you delete these other dishes? Just click on the red X’s next to whatever you’d like to delete.

Next up is the Order feature, which is a WebView plugin. It pulls up a browser within your app that links to whatever you paste in this field. If you have a website dedicated to making online orders already, this is perfect! Just copy and paste the link here to have it populate in your app. The easier you make the ordering process for your customers, the more often they’ll order from you.

Onto Loyalty and Rewards. Our Loyalty plugin allows you to set up a rewards program, similar to rewards programs like Starbucks’. It’s a great way to incentivize your customers to keep coming back. Here you can change the photo and text. Below that is where you can start building out the program, indicated by how many points they can earn per purchase and dollar, as well as limits. The “Add Points Passcode” creates a safe environment for your program, so that users cannot add points themselves. This code is one that you can use to manually add points to a user’s account under special circumstances. And finally, you can click on Add New Reward to create a new reward tier. You can get super creative here. Reward tiers could be every sandwich or cocktail they order, or every happy hour they attend. Maybe add a reward tier every time you introduce a new dish, just to get more people to try it out.

Under Reserve a Table, we have two options: Contact Us and Reserve Via OpenTable. Contact Us opens up a Contact Us Plugin to show your location and contact information. Simply type your address into this field here and insert your contact information by clicking on Add Link.

Reserve via OpenTable is our OpenTable Plugin. If you have an OpenTable account, just copy and paste your link here. If you don’t have an OpenTable account, we recommend that you try them out. With a similar logic to Ordering, the easier you make the reservation process for your restaurant, the more reservations you’re likely to get.

I’ve shown you how to do Contact Us, so let’s move onto Locations. To set a location for your restaurant, click on All Items then Add New Item. Here you can fill out your restaurant’s location as well as add your contact information. The cool part about our Locations plugin is the customer can simply use it to pull your location directly into an app like Google Maps to get directions with no need to manually copy and paste the address, which is really convenient for them.

The Coupons plugin is a Folder that has simple Text WISYWIG plugins in it. Feel free to edit the Text here with a coupon or bar code that your customers can use when paying. Paper coupons are easily misplaced, and it takes time to pull up a digital coupon from an email. Directly sending a coupon to your app ensures that you customer can have a seamless experience paying for their food and receiving their discount.

About Us is a chance to add some fun language to your business! Describe the experience of eating there, the local atmosphere, and the awards you’ve received. You can also add a People Plugin to introduce your customers to the waiters, chefs, and the rest of your staff.

Here we have the Social Wall which lets your customers communicate with one another about your restaurant, and let you know what they thought of the food and experience. The plugin looks empty now because, well, nobody’s posted yet! Once your app is published, this section will look more filled out. And finally the Social Media plugin is for linking to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. All you have to do is Add Plugin Instances of the different social media plugins we have. This is a great

Now you’re all set with the basic structure of your restaurant app! Feel free to add and delete features to your liking. After all, this is your app. Have some fun with it! Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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