Happy New Year!

Let’s take a look back at what we’ve accomplished in 2016 and a look forward at what our aim is for 2017.

2016 was filled with some amazing updates to our platform. So let’s take a look:

Push Notifications

We know, as the data will tell us, that push notifications are a key way that you can communicate with your audience effectively. As such, we’ve enhanced push notifications by:

  • Adding rich text capabilities so that you can add images, videos, links and gifs of funny kittens.
  • Adding action items so that you can link your push notifications to app content with deep linking, link to a web page, or trigger another action like an email, text message, phone call, and more.
  • Adding Customized Push parameters that allow you to send your notifications to either a specific person or people based on tags, email, name, and signup date range.
  • Link up your RSS feeds to automatically send a notification every time there’s a new entry.

User Management

User management and tagging is a great way to both gather data and manage your users. That’s why we’ve enhanced it by:

  • Allowing you to lock down plugins based on requiring both the user to log in, AND also requiring that they have a specific tag or tags applied to them
  • Allowing you to send out custom push notifications to targeted users based on tags (but I’ve already mentioned that)

App Language Settings

We added new language settings to the control panel; giving you more freedom to change the verbiage and customize your apps to your liking.

Enterprise and White Label

If you’re an enterprise customer, know that we love you. Most often, it’s your feedback that helps us define which feature sets and enhancements to implement. Though all of the aforementioned applies to you, we’ve also enhanced the enterprise program by adding:

  • The ability to add custom developed plugins
  • Monthly vs Yearly pricing plans to incentivize your customers
  • Integration with Segment to track and analyze data
  • Configurable buttons in the app builder control panel so you can promote, well anything you’d like
  • A fully white labeled DIY process so you can leverage the automated sign up process for your customers

We also now provide two one-on-one training sessions to help you get to know the platform. So if you haven’t done so yet, contact our white label support team and they’ll be happy to hop on a training session with you.

General Updates

On top of this, there is some pretty awesome stuff that goes on behind the scenes that really never gets as much credit, but definitely should, such as:

  • System maintenance
  • Adding more support and engineering team members
  • Apple and Google policy updates
  • SSL certificate requirements
  • Bug resolution


Now that we’ve taken a look back at 2016, let me share some things with you that we’ve already tackled in 2017.

  • Google has implemented a new requirement around privacy policies, so we’ve added a place in your configurations to add one.
  • Stock Image implementation so that you can select from thousands of beautiful, high quality photos from professional photographers around the world.
  • Media library adjustments to make using your images easier and more streamlined.
  • Adding a way for you upload your SSL Certificate to your white label account for your admin and control panels.
  • Making all plugins SSL compatible.


With that, we’re just getting started for a strong year with much in store, so keep an eye out for product updates and enhancements.

Most importantly, here’s to your success in 2017!

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