With our newest update, you now have 17 fonts to choose from, with additions from Google Fonts!

How To Change Your App’s Font

To change your app’s font, simply go to Appearance and scroll down to the Theme Colors section and click on the Fonts dropdown menu. Selecting any of these fonts will change your app’s font, which you will see update on the emulator.

The Emulator Will Update With Your Font In Real-Time

Selecting your font will update the emulator in real-time, so you can preview what it will look like for the rest of your app! To check out how it will look like on your phone before publishing it for your users, feel free to use our Previewer App.

Don’t forget to click publish to push your changes out to live. Don’t worry — changing your font will not require a resubmission, so your changes will update immediately in your app!

Keep checking back — we’ll be updating the font family at least once a month!

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