Hi everyone! This is Linh, here to bring you a summary of all the sweet product updates we rolled out this month. We’ll start with some general updates, then move onto white-label-specific ones.

Publishing Push Notification Trigger

First off, there’s the publishing push notification trigger. Whenever you update and publish your app now, a window will pop up asking you if you’d like to send a notification too. Letting your users know about an app update is a quick and easy way to re-engage them.

User Management and Tagging

User Management and Tagging has been in beta for a bit now, but the entire system has now been successfully rolled out! Manage your user profiles and apply tags to them. You can even use these tags to restrict access to certain parts of your app. Our white label users will be happy to hear that this feature can also be turned on and off from under the configurations tab.

Now, moving onto white-label-specific updates.

Yearly/Monthly Pricing Plan Categories

First, we’ve given our white label users using DIY an option to divide up their pricing plans into Yearly and Monthly categories. This can help leads in making a decision while upgrading. To activate these categories, just go to the respective pricing plan and select Yearly or Monthly.

Configurable Buttons

And finally, we rolled out configurable buttons. Add up to three colorful buttons in the sidebar and one in the header that can link to anything you want: your website, social media accounts, or to your other services. You can create these buttons under Configurations.

White Label Website

And finally, the big one: our new white label website. Our white label customers can now build a website just as easily as they can build an app. Check out just how cool this looks! Just go to the new White Label Website section in the admin control panel and start editing.

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