Our CRM (beta) is a customer relationship management tool that helps you evaluate your apps and customers. With a simple interface, organizing and utilizing your customer’s information has never been easier. Even better — the CRM (beta) can be a powerful revenue-generating tool in your arsenal.

How is this a powerful revenue-generating tool?

Customer relationships management tools are used to, well, manage customer relationships. All of their contact information is in one place, so you can call or email them at anytime you need to. In terms of generating revenue, this is the place to go if you need to contact them to try and upsell them on any other services you might have. If there are any information that they didn’t give you upon signing up, this is a chance for you to request and store that information here.

After contacting them, then you can take notes on them as a customer — are they looking for any particular services? Are they the kind of customer you can upsell to? Or are they the kind of customer who would rather be left alone? No two customers are made equal. If you want to upsell any of them it’s important for your salespeople to know what kind of customers they are.

We also have a rating system you can employ in whatever fashion you’d like on your customers. You can give promising customers, ones who are most likely to upgrade or more likely to stick around and bring in more profits, five stars, while three star customers can signify they need a bit more convincing to be upsold to. One star can signify a canceled account or a customer who is planning on leaving, so you can decide whether or not to put more or less effort to keeping them on your platform.

For more information on why it’s useful to keep in touch with your customers and how CRM tools can help you achieve success, check out some blog posts we have on it here:

Cool! So how do I use it?

CRM is split into two sections for your convenience: Leads and Top Apps. Leads is where all of your customers’ apps reside and Top Apps is where they will be organized by rating. When you’re starting out, your Top Apps will be empty but by the time you’re sifting through all of your customers and rating them, this section will be filled out in no time.

Upon entering the Leads section, you’ll be met with a grid of all of the apps in your white label system, represented by a mini preview thumbnail and some basic information and buttons.

Clicking on the thumbnail will bring up the app’s contact information, activity, and notes.

If there are empty fields in the information space, feel free to use this as an opportunity to contact them to gather it.

Activity will show you their last login date, total number of sessions, and how often the plugin headers and content are changed.

Notes is where you can input any notes you have on that specific customer. This could be sales notes, support notes, or any other important information that should be kept in mind when working with and reaching out to them.

Clicking open will let their app appear in a separate window, making it easy for you to quickly take a glance through their app during a call, or look at several apps from several customers all at once.

More Info will take you to the a page where you can Manage the app. Here, you can change their configuration, the app name, and add in new app owners.

Clicking on the trash icon will remove the app fro the leads list. This will not delete the app from the system.

Note: DIY is Necessary for the CRM Feature

If you don’t have DIY, make sure you upgrade in order to continue using the CRM tool in the future. DIY is a tool available when you upgrade your white label plan that will allow you to take full advantage over the sign-up and payment process of your app business. For more information on the benefits of upgrading to DIY and how to use it, please watch our video [White Label] 9. DIY Settings. ***

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team at support@buildfire.com. *** We hope you enjoy using the CRM!

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