What is the plugin marketplace?

Developers from around the world (including you) will be able to submit and sell plugins through the marketplace, thus creating an ecosystem of solutions and possibilities.

It will exist right within the app control panel under what is currently the “Add New Plugin” tab. But to give a familiar metaphor, the marketplace is very similar to how the App Store works, but with plugins instead of apps.

Can you build plugins or list the plugins you’ve built in the marketplace?

Absolutely! And we encourage you to do so :) When you do, they'll be made available to the tens of thousands of users on the BuildFire platform, so it's a great opportunity to join our worldwide community and make some extra money at the same time.

Will all of the plugins cost money?

No. Whether it’s free or not, and how much it costs, is completely up to the developer who has developed and is listing the plugin.

Will all of my customers see all of the plugins that are available in the marketplace?

Only if you want them to. With the marketplace, there will be a growing number of plugins built by developers around the world for an ever expanding number of use cases (super cool, right!?). We understand, however, that based on your business model or niche, you may not want to make all of them available to your customers. That’s why we’re allowing you to whitelist plugins.

A Note to Our White Label Resellers

IMPORTANT: What you need to know

Prior to the marketplace, you used to select which plugins you wanted available to your customers via App Configurations.

With the Marketplace, however, you will now select which plugins you want available to your customers under the Marketplace tab.

So that you have maximum flexibility and minimum surprises, plugins will be whitelisted. This means that when a new plugin is released, you’ll be able to review it and choose whether you want to turn it on or not.

IMPORTANT: What you need to do

So that your customers don’t have an empty marketplace, we’ve enabled and pre-selected all of what were known as “stock” plugins for you. They’ll be available to your customers right away, so if you want to turn any of them off, be sure to do so.

What is whitelisting?

Whitelisting gives you the control over which plugins you want to make available to your customers, just like we currently do with stock plugins. When a new plugin is launched, it won’t automatically be enabled on your account so that you can review it first.

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