Announcing our new Deep Linking feature!

What is Deep Linking?

Almost every section of your app has a unique link, in a similar way that different pages of a website have unique links. Clicking on a website’s link would redirect you to that website’s page.

Deep linking in your app serves the same function. If users click on this URL, they will be redirected to that specific plugin within your app. The only requirement is that they already have the app installed on their phone. If they click on the link without having downloaded the app, the link will not work.

That’s cool! But what can I use this for?

There are two main ways you can deep link: internal deep linking and external deep linking.

Well if you’re in direct contact with your users somewhere (say in a Facebook group, forums, social media  or your website), when you’d like to show them a new plugin or feature in your app, you can directly link to it instead of instruct them on where to access it. This is houw you can externally deep link.

When deep linking internally, it’s just another way to connect plugins to one another. For example, if a lecture in your Seminar and Lecture Notes Plugin is being lead by a staff member in your People Plugin, you can link to them via a deep link. Or if you’d like to connect your Contact Us Plugin to the Event Plugin so users who are attending the event know who to contact if they have questions, you can do that too.

Internal Deep Linking

You can deep link within your app wherever it says “Add Action/Link”, “Add Link”, and “Add Contact Information”. Add Action/Link specifically refers to linking via our Image Carousel. Doing this will insert the link into your image, so your users can access the link by tapping on the photo.

“Add Link” and “Add Contact Information” are available in plugins such as the Events Manual Plugin, Contact Us Plugin, Seminar and Lecture Notes Plugin, People Plugin, Places Plugin, Media Center Manual Plugin.

In the drop-down menu, just select “Link to App Content”.

External Deep Linking

You can deep link externally by copying the link next to “Deep Link URL” at the top of almost any plugin and pasting it wherever you’d like.

Just click on “View Deep Link URL”.

Then the URL should appear, ready to be copy and pasted.

Here are some suggestions for using the Deep Link URL; you can deep link to:

  • A new plugin in a social media post announcing it
  • A new blog post in your Media Center RSS Feed Plugin
  • A new lecture in your Seminar and Lecture Notes Plugin
  • A new staff member in your People Plugin

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team at We hope you enjoy using the Seminar Notes Plugin!

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