We’ve got an AWESERM (how the cool kids say “awesome”) update regarding Push Notifications! It’ll make you be all like “ER MEH GERD! THAT’S AWESERM!” And maybe even do this:

Now, some may think I’m a mind reader; I’m not. But I do know some questions you’re thinking right now…
Ok then, so maybe I am a mind reader of sorts?

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Ok “Mind Reader”… So what is this “aweserm” update of which you speak?

Our Push Notifications were already pretty aweserm with Selective Push Notifications (aka Groups), Scheduled Notifications, and RSS based notifications, but we’ve now added the ability to send CUSTOM notifications.

This means that in addition to the current selections, you can now send out custom push notifications based on the following:

  • User Status
  • User Name
  • User Email
  • Tags
  • Sign up date range

Interesting… Go on…

That’s not really a question, but sure :)

Based on these parameters, that means you can send notifications to the following types of users:

  • Individual Users (again, based on name, email, tag, etc). For example, if you want to send a notification to John.
  • Multiple Users (specifically selected). For example, if you want to send a notification to John, Jane, Joleen, and Justin.
  • Multiple users that have the same tag(s). For example, if you want to send a message out to people who have a “Staff” tag.
  • Users that signed up within a certain date range. For example, those that created an account last month.
  • All of the above
  • All of the above with scheduling options

Sounds cool! When does this go live?

Already is :)

AWESERM Indeed! Can you walk me through it?

Do bears use only triple-ply Charmin toilet paper? (Hint: The answer is yes) Here’s what you’ll do:

• Step 1. Make sure you’ve got an active Premium or Professional level subscription.
• Step 2. Go to Notifications >> Push Notifications in the left menu in the control panel
• Step 3. Click the Send New Notification button in the upper right
• Step 4. Where it says Filter Users, select the Custom option
• Step 5. Click the three dots next to the Select Custom Users field. This will bring up a popup window that lets you search for users based on the parameters aforementioned.

Here’s where you have two options, you can either do a basic search or an advanced search.

Basic Search: search by user status, name or email
Advanced Search: also search by tag and signup date range
*For this example, I’m going to show you how to use Advanced Search so we go through all the options.

• Step 6. Click on Advanced Search
• Step 7. Enter in a name or email, tag, and a signup date range to search for some users and click “Search”

IMPORTANT: This will return all of your users based on the parameters you have defined in the advanced search fields. You have two options from here:

• Step 8A. Click “Select All” at the bottom to send to all of the users to which these search parameters apply
Step 8B. Select the individual users and then click “Select”
• Step 9. Fill out the rest of your notification
• Step 10. Send (or schedule) that bad boy!

Pro Tip: You can use this in conjunction with RSS based notifications or with scheduled notifications, but you may need to upgrade first.

Wait a tic… I don’t seem to have these options. What do I need to do!?

If you can’t yet send push notifications, it means you’ll want to sign up for a  Premium or Professional subscription (see Step 1 above).

Ah ha! You DON’T know everything I was thinking. I still have more questions… Psh. Some “mind reader” you are. #notimpressed

First of all, ouch. That hurts.
Second, if you do have any more questions our support team is ready to answer them for you :)

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