Hey There!

We’ve got another exciting product update that’ll make it easier than ever to get your app looking as stunning as you did at your high school prom.

We’ve added stock images to our media library!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Unsplash to bring you a library of thousands of high quality, beautiful images from professional photographers around the world.

Now all you need to do to get stunning photos is:

  1.  Open the media library under “Stock Images”
  2. Type in a keyword for the type of image you want
  3. Click on it, and click “Insert”

How awesome is that!?!?

We’ve also added some cleanup to the media library, such as:

  • Lazy loading, so you no longer have to click the “show more” button to see more images
  • Bringing the bottom of the media library above the fold, so it’s easier to insert images.
  • Only showing the insert and clear buttons when an image is selected

Now get out there and make your app look awesome!

Thanks again for choosing BuildFire! Here’s to your success!

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