White Label FAQs

I want to resell Buildfire apps as a business, can I do it myself?

Absolutely! Buildfire was designed with exactly that purpose. We handle all app hosting, system maintenance, app submission, iOS and Android releases, bug fixes and updates.  “White Label” the entire platform under your own brand name; Buildfire will be invisible to your customers.

Gone are the days of needing a technology expert. We handle all the technology components allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Can Buildfire help me get my Business started?

Of course, we are here to help. Our White Label packages come with free 1-on-1 consultations to get your platform set up as well as live marketing seminars. We can even provide you with a custom website for your business. Your success is our success!

Can I make money reselling Buildfire Apps?

Yes; many people do. Check out the revenue calculator on our website. On the expense side, we handle all costs associated with app hosting, system maintenance, app submission, iOS and Android releases, bug fixes and updates enabling you to keep expenses very low.

What are my payment options for White Label account?

All White Label subscribers have the option of paying monthly or annually (10% discount). Payments can be processed via credit card or ACH.

Do I have to publish my own app to the App store?

No, we do that and it’s free with Buildfire. We know from submitting thousands of app to the store that publishing can be a difficult and frustrating process. So we do both the initial submission as well as all future updates.

The Buildfire Previewer is great, is there a White Label version?

Yes, of course, it’s your brand and we want to help you promote it. The previewer is a great tool for your customer to view and test their app before they publish. Under our White Label program, you can have your own previewer with your brand.

Can I offer a DIY option to my customers?

Yes. Buildfire’s White Label platform is completely customizable based upon your business model. You can offer various levels of customer configurations including a complete DIY option, turn on and off features, offer standard configurations and have unique pricing for each feature and configuration you choose. You create and control your business.

If I want to create custom White Label plugins for my customers, do I need to find a developer?

No, Buildfire will do it for you in a timeframe and cost that will amaze you. However, if you want to do it yourself, we provide an open development portal with all the tools needed to create totally custom functionality. Hire Buildfire, use your own developer or do it yourself, it is up to you.

Your reseller question was not answered?

No problem, send an email to WLsupport@buildfire.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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