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Give users the ability to submit reviews of you and your business with the Customer Feedback feature.

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The Customer Feedback feature in your app is a vital tool for receiving and addressing feedback from users. It helps you understand your audience and improve your services based on their input​​.

Use Cases

  • For Restaurants: Gather feedback on new dishes introduced in your restaurant app.

  • For Retailers and Service Providers: Use feedback to promote your goods and services, leveraging positive client feedback to attract more business​​

Setting Up

Setting up the Customer Feedback feature is straightforward. Once added to your app, its functions are mostly built-in and intuitive​​.

How the feature works in your app

Review Score: Users can rate between 1 and 5 stars, with the default set at 5 stars. They can adjust this rating as desired.

The rating is automatically set to 5 stars, but it can be adjusted by the user. 

Message Requirement: After rating, users must leave a message to submit their review. This message helps in understanding the reason behind their rating​​.

These messages can help you to better understand the reason for their rating. Once the user has selected a review score and added a comment, they’re asked to either Submit the Review or Cancel their review submission. 

Once the user submits the review, it appears in a list among other users' reviews where other users as well as you the app’s owner, can comment on their review.

Commenting on Reviews

As an app owner, you can comment on reviews by clicking the speech bubble icon next to the review. This is an excellent way to acknowledge positive feedback or address any issues raised in negative reviews​​.


Congratulations! You now know how to use the Customer Feedback Feature in your app!


Effectively using the Customer Feedback feature can transform the way you interact with your user base, leading to improved services and stronger customer relationships

Pro Tip

Use the commenting feature proactively. Engaging with users who leave reviews, whether to thank them for positive feedback or resolve issues with negative ones, can significantly enhance customer relations and potentially save a customer​​.

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