What is the App Analytics Page?

App Analytics can give you great insight into how many people are downloading and registering for your app over its lifespan. In this article we’ll go over the App Analytics page and what information you can gather from it.

On this page you can view these analytics

  • Total downloads of your app

  • Month-by-month downloads

  • Total registered users in your app

  • Month-by-month user registrations

How do I access the App Analytics Page?

To access the App Analytics page, simply go to Analytics -> App Analytics.

What are the App Analytics Page’s primary function and what are the steps to accomplish it?

The App Analytics page gives you analytics on how many devices have downloaded your app as well as how many users have registered for profiles in your app over time. There’s no set up required for these analytics other than your app needs to be live in the app stores.

You can view the total app downloads and users over the life of your app here:

As well as analytics from month to month:

If you hover over a month’s listing, you can view how many downloads and users were logged for that month:

If you would like additional analytics and you have accounts with Segment and Mixpanel, you can tie your Segment account by uploading your Segment Key in this field:

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