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What Is Zapier Integration, And How It Can Help Improve Your App
What Is Zapier Integration, And How It Can Help Improve Your App

In this article we’ll go over what Zapier is, and how it can help you immensely in your app.

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You may be asking yourself, what is Zapier, and how can integrating with Zapier help improve my app? In this article we’ll go over what Zapier is, and how it can help you immensely in your app.

What is Zapier’s primary function and how can it help improve your app?

So the first question that will come to mind is what is Zapier? In a nutshell, Zapier is a service that allows you to link two separate services together, allowing them to communicate with each other. A middle-man of sorts which helps automate a lot of actions that previously needed to be manually done, as well as enabled a lot of integrations between systems that previously were impossible to do.

For example, let’s say that you have a WordPress blog and an Instagram account and you want your Instagram photos to automatically be posted as blog posts in your WordPress blog. Before Zapier this was near-impossible without having access to both WordPress and Instagram’s APIs and some hardcore coding. But with Zapier you can set this up with just a couple of clicks.

Or let’s say you want to get Gmail alerts whenever you get a new Twitter mention. Not only can you set that up with Zapier easily, but you can also set up an email summary of those mentions that’s daily, weekly, or monthly. The amount of integrations with Zapier are almost endless thanks to the thousands of services (or apps) that Zapier can integrate with. You can see all of the services that they integrate with here:

Now imagine being able to integrate  with all of those services in your app. Well, we have some great news! You can now do this with our integration with Zapier! With our Business level plan, you can gain access to our BuildFire Gateway API which allows you to link your app with the other services in Zapier. With a couple of clicks you can unlock a whole new world of connectivity between your app and your other systems which can help ease and improve the process of managing multiple systems and services.

What are some examples of Zapier integration for your app?

We previously listed some general examples of Zapier integrations that you can set up, but what are some app-centric examples of Zapier integration? Well, we’re glad you asked! With Zapier you can: 

  • With Zapier you can link your list of users with Google Drive so that whenever a new user registers for an in-app profile, their information will automatically be added to a Google Sheet in your Drive.

  • You can use it to send out a push notification to newly registered users in your app. 

  • If you have an external membership page, say on your website, you can use Zapier to automatically create a profile for subscribing users in your app.

If you would like to get in contact with one of our App Specialists to learn more about bringing Zapier integration into your app, we encourage you to reach out to us at:

Where one of our App Specialists will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

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