What Do You Need To Do In Order To Make Sure You’re Ready For Your App’s Apple Submission?

Thanks to some new requirements by Apple, we’ll need you to make sure that some things are set up in your Apple Developer Account before we can submit your app. What do you need to do? Well we’re glad you asked! Before we can submit your app to Apple please do the following:

1. Make Sure That You’re Fully Enrolled In The Apple Developer Program

To do this, please log into your Apple Developer account (https://developer.apple.com/) and ensure that you have already Enrolled in the Apple Developer program. If you’re unsure about whether you’re fully enrolled in the program or not, we have a dedicated article on how to check this which you can find here.

If you haven’t enrolled in the Apple Developer Program yet and need assistance with the process, we encourage you to check out our dedicated article with step-by-step instructions of the process which you can find here.

2. Make Sure That 2-Factor Authentication Has Been Set Up And Turned On For Your Developer Account

Apple now requires all Apple Developer Accounts to have 2-factor authentication enabled in them. Please log into your Apple Developer account  (https://developer.apple.com/) and double check  that 2-Factor Authentication has been set up and turned on for your Apple Developer account. If you need help with setting up 2-Factor Authentication, we encourage you to check out our dedicated article on how to set it up which you can find here.

3. Make Sure That You Completely Filled Out The Apple App Store Section Of The Publishing Information In The App Dashboard

After you have created an Apple Developer account, Enrolled in the program, and set up 2-Factor Authentication, you’ll need to fill out the Apple-Specific section of the “Publishing Information” page found in our App Dashboard.

If you would like to learn more about the different fields of the Publishing Information page, we encourage you to check out our dedicated article on the Publishing Information page which you can find here.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the log-in credentials that you enter into the Publishing Information page are correct.

4. Schedule A Call With Our Publishing Team 

After you have filled out the Publishing Information and sent your app off to our publishing team to submit to the app stores on your behalf, you’ll need to schedule a call with our publishing team so that they can call you to obtain the 2-Factor Authentication 6-digit code that is generated when they try to access your developer account.

When you submit your app to our publishing team a link to schedule this call should appear for you, but if it doesn’t please reach out to us at support@buildfire.com and we’ll be more than happy to get your call set up.

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