What is the On The Go Push Plugin?

With the On The Go Push Plugin you no longer have to log-in to the App Dashboard to send out a notification! This feature allows you to send out notifications while your inside the app, and these notifications will be sent out to all of your app’s users!

Note: If you add this feature to your app, for security reasons we highly recommend that you use the Advanced Access Settings that are available on our Professional and Enterprise level plans to help ensure that only Admin-level users have access to it. You can learn more about those settings here.

What are some use cases of On The Go Push Plugin?

Some use cases of this feature include:

  • If you have a store in your app, you can use this feature to notify your customers of flash sales or items that are quickly running out of stock
  • You can use this feature to relay important up-to-date information on current events on campus for your school’s app
  • You can help start your congregation's day off right with a welcome notification on Sunday mornings for users of your Church’s app

What is the On The Go Push Plugin’s primary function and what are the steps to accomplish it?

As we mentioned previously, the Push Plugin allows you to send notifications to all of your app’s users from the app itself. Next we’ll go over how you can use this awesome feature, as well as provide some Pro Tips we think can help you get the most out of the Push Plugin!

How To Set Up The On The Go Push Plugin And Send Out Notifications While In-App

Step 1: (OPTIONAL) Make sure the app is secured with user tags that are applied to admin-only users

Before you begin sending notifications from the app, we highly recommend that you make sure that the feature is secured using our Advanced Feature Access Settings. Otherwise anyone will be able to access the feature and send out push notifications. If you need help with how to set this up, we encourage you to check out this article.

Step 2: Once the feature has been secured, place it somewhere in your app where it’s out of the way of regular users of your app

We recommend that you place the feature in an area of your app that’s not highly navigated to such as the side menu. The will help discourage people from trying to access the feature for malicious purposes.

Step 3: Open the feature to send out a notification

Once you’ve added the feature to your app and secured it using the Advanced Access Settings, tap on its icon while in your app to open it. 

Step 4: Fill out the notification’s Title and Message

Next all you need to do is give your notification a title:

Then a message:

Step 5: Decide on if you want to send the notification now, or later

Once you have entered in the notification’s title and message, you’ll need to decide if you want to send the notification now, or at a later time. It’s automatically selected to send the notification immediately, but if you would like to send your notification out at a later time, simply select “Send Later”:

Then choose what day and time you want it to be sent on:

Step 6: Tap on “Send” 

Finally, when you’re ready to send your notification out, or add it to a queue to send out later, simply tap the “Send” button:

Your notification will now be sent out to all users (if you selected “Now”) or at the later time of your choice.

How To View The Notification History For All Notifications Sent Out In The Push Plugin

If you would like to see a history of all the notifications sent in the Push Plugin you can do so by tapping on the “History” icon in the feature:

It’s that simple! You now know how to use the Push Plugin! Next we’ll go over some Pro Tips that we think can help you get the most use out of the Push Plugin.

What are some Pro Tips you should know about to take your app to the next level?

Having worked with apps for years, we’ve learned a thing or two. So, to both help your app stand out and accomplish your primary goals, here are some tips you should consider.

Pro Tip 1: Don’t Pester Your Users With Too Many Notifications

You want to find a good balance for keeping your users engaged on a regular basis without sending out too many notifications, so try and find a good balance between keeping them engaged without sending out too many notifications.

Pro Tip 2: Make Sure You Send Out Quality Notifications

Along with avoiding sending out too many notifications. you want to make sure you send out quality notifications. Make sure that you send out notifications that will enrich your user’s app experience. It could be anything from an informative message to simply a positive message. It all boils down to what your app is and what is its purpose. If people take the time to download your app, make sure you take the time to send out quality notifications.

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Still have questions? No problem! Reach out to us and we’d be happy to help :)

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