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How To Transfer Your App From One Apple Developer Account To Another
How To Transfer Your App From One Apple Developer Account To Another
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How To Transfer Your App From One Apple Developer Account To Another

In this article we’ll go over what you will need to do in order to transfer an app from one Apple developer account to another. The reason for doing so can vary from a change in ownership of an app, to making an app more compliant with Apple’s latest app store guidelines.

The nice thing about transferring an app from one Apple Developer Account to another, is that it’s all done without removing the app from the App Store. The app will retain its reviews and ratings during and after the transfer, and users continue to have access to future updates.

What Are The Steps You Need To Follow In Order To Transfer Your App To Another Apple Developer Account

When you’re ready to transfer an app from one Apple Developer Account to another, make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1: Verify That The App Can Be Transferred

In order to be able to transfer an app, it will need to meet some criteria first. For example, at least one version of the app must have been live in the App Store. If you would like to see all of the criteria that it needs to meet, we encourage you to check out Apple’s app transfer criteria.

Step 2: Back-Up All Of The App’s Information

Because an app is removed from your account after an app transfer, you should back up all information about the app before you transfer it.

Step 3: Obtain The Apple ID and Team ID Of The Account Holder Of The Account You’re Transferring The App Into

Before you initiate the transfer, you’ll need to obtain the Apple ID and Team ID of the Account Holder of the Apple account that you’re transferring the app into.

The Apple ID is the email address that they use to log-in to their Apple developer account.

The Team ID is a unique identifier to that user that’s used for verification purposes. 

If the Account Holder of the other Apple developer account doesn’t know where to find their Team ID, here’s how to locate it:

Step 1: Have Them Log-In To Their App Store Connect Account

They can access your App Store Connect Account at:

Step 2: Have them Click on “Users and Access” 

Step 3: Have them Click On Their Apple ID/Email Address

If there’s more than one user tied to the developer account, they’ll need to locate their listing in the group of users. Once they’ve located themselves, they’ll need to click on their Apple ID/email address.

This will take them to their individual user page where they can find their Team ID:

Once they have that information have them provide that to you so that you can initiate the app transfer.

Step 4: Initiate The App Transfer

If your account has more than one user assigned to it, then you’ll need to make sure that the person who is assigned as the Account Holder is the one who initiates the app transfer. If you’re the only person associated with the Apple Developer Account, then you’re automatically assigned the role of Account Holder. Once you have established who the Account Holder is, they will initiate an app transfer. Here’s how to do that:

Step 1: Log-In To Your App Store Connect Account

You can access your App Store Connect Account at:

Step 2: Click on “My Apps” 

Step 3: Select the app you want to Transfer

Once you’re on the “My Apps” page, click on the app you’d like to transfer

Step 4: Scroll down to “Additional Information” and Click on “Transfer App”

Step 5: Make Sure that the App Meets all of Apple’s Criteria

At the beginning of the app transfer process you’ll see a checklist provided by Apple. If all of these are checked you can go ahead and click “Done”. If any of these are unchecked, you’ll need to address them before you can continue.

Step 6: Enter in the Apple ID and Team ID of the Account Holder of the Account that you’re Transferring the app to

Step 7: Agree to Apple’s Terms and click “Request Transfer”

You’ll then need to agree to Apple’s terms and click “Request Transfer” in order to complete the transfer process on your end.

Once this is done, you can click “Done” to return to the App Information page.

Step 5: The Account That The App Is Being Transferred To Accepts The App Transfer

Now that the original Apple developer account has submitted a transfer request, the Account Holder of the account that the app is being transferred to will need to accept the app transfer by following these steps:

Step 1: Log-In To App Store Connect Account

They can access your App Store Connect Account at:

They should see a notice that an app is ready to be transferred.

Step 2: Click on Agreements, Tax and Banking

Step 3: Look for the app under “App Transfers”

Once they’re at the Agreements, Tax and Banking page they’ll see a section titled “App Transfers” with the app in that section and a “Review” button next to it. Have them click on that button.

Step 4: Fill out all of the appropriate Metadata

Next they’ll need to update any of the relevant Metadata for the app:

  • Support URL

  • Atom feed URL (required if the app previously had an atom feed URL)

  • Marketing URL (required if the app previously had a marketing URL)

  • Privacy policy URL (required if the app previously had a privacy policy URL)

  • CCATS (a new CCATS form is required for apps that use export compliance)

  • App Review contact information

  • App Store contact information

Step 5: Read Apple’s Terms and click “Accept”

Once the Metadata has been updated they’ll need to read Apple’s terms. After that they’ll select “I have read and agree to the agreement presented above,” and click “Accept”.

Note: It can take up to two business days for the app transfer to complete, during which the app status is Processing App Transfer.

When the transfer is complete, you own it. The app no longer appears in the original App Store Connect account.

Still have questions? No problem! Reach out to us and we’d be happy to help!

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