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How to set up your Webhook when not using Recurly.
How to set up your Webhook when not using Recurly.
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Not using Recurly as your payment processor? No problem!

We will take you through an outline of what your team can do to automate as much as possible.

While our system integrates with Recurly to automate the upgrading of accounts and pricing page. There will be a few steps your team will need to take in order to automate this with say Stripe or Paypal.

The first step you will need to take will be creating your very own pricing page. While Recurly and our integration will generate this for you, without it you will need to generate your page in say, WordPress for example.

Build out the pricing page to your liking and once completed you would then need to search for a webhook plugin to install to the page.

Now, that you have selected your plugin, within your location, generate your Webhook configuration token:

You will need to take the configuration token, copy the Webhook URL from within the Plan Configuration and create an endpoint within the WordPress plugin using that URL.

Now that the pricing page has been created and webhook installed, it’s time to generate your subscriptions!

In the payment system of your choosing, you will generate a subscription for every configuration option you offer. When creating the subscriptions it will ask for the pricing page URL to house the subscriptions on the payment page.

You are almost there!

With the pricing page and subscriptions set up, we can now move into the page.

Next, you will need to take the pricing page URL and add this to the Pricing Plan of your DIY settings:

Now that the pricing page has been linked, the webhook token installed and subscriptions housed in the pricing page you are ready to add the Plan Configurations to link the upgrade feature in the Control Panel.

To add the plan configuration select, “Add New Plan”

When the following image appears fill in the necessary information.

You will need to provide the purchase URL of the specific subscription at which point you will select “show webhook URL” which will allow you to be directed to the payment page when upgrading not using Recurly.

Hit save once complete and you have now completed your webhook set up.

Still have questions? No problem! Reach out to us and we’d be happy to help :)

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