How to Use Dropbox with the WebView Feature

Websites aren't the only thing you can link to with the WebView Feature!

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How Can I Use Dropbox With The WebView Feature?

The WebView feature isn't just limited to linking websites! You can also leverage it to provide your app users with access to files like eBooks and PDFs using services like Dropbox. This guide will walk you through the steps to incorporate Dropbox with the WebView feature.

"What are the different types of files that you can store on Dropbox?"

Using your Dropbox account you can link to all sorts of files such as:

  • PDFs

  • Videos

  • Audio files

  • Images

  • And many more!

How to link a file in your Dropbox account to your WebView Feature

Next, let’s go over how to link to a file in your Dropbox account using the WebView feature.

Step 1: Log in to Dropbox and click on “All Files”

Step 2: Hover over the file that you want to link and click “Share”

Step 3: Generate a Share Link for the file then copy it

In case the file doesn't have a pre-generated Share Link, you can generate one by clicking on the option "Create a Link".

Once the Share Link has been created, go ahead and copy the link.

Please note: That it is essential to ensure that the share link has appropriate share settings, allowing anyone with the link to view it. Furthermore, ensure that the link does not have any expiration date set to it. You can access the link's settings by clicking on "link settings

Step 4: Paste the share link into the WebView’s URL section and click “Validate”

Note: Due to DropBox updating how they retrieve media files from their server, you will need to change the domain of the copied URL from or to with the rest of the same URL following after.

Now that you have the share link go ahead and paste it into the WebView feature’s “URL” field then click “Validate”.

Well done! You have successfully linked the content from your Dropbox account using the WebView feature. You can try toggling through the three settings of the WebView feature to determine which one works best for your content. Further information about these settings is available in our WebView tutorial.

Still, have questions? No problem! Reach out to us and we’d be happy to help :)

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