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Weight Tracker Feature Tutorial
Weight Tracker Feature Tutorial

This feature gives users the ability to set goals and target dates for tracking progress toward healthy habits

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What is the Weight Tracker Feature?

The Weight Tracker feature gives users the ability to set a goal weight and a target date for tracking progress toward weight-loss or weight-gain. This feature utilizes a chart to depict a visual path from start to end date correlating weight all the way to the specified goals.

The app administrator can determine what actions to track, such as hydration, exercise, and healthy eating. Admins can also customize encouragement messages as well as set reminders for when users forget to log their progress.

What are some use cases for Weight Tracker?

  • A personal fitness app that you’d like to allow users the ability to track certain workouts or routines

  • You provide online classes and want a mobile solution that will allow you to track certain metrics along the way

What are the Weight Tracker Feature's primary functions and what are the steps to accomplish them?

The primary functions of this feature is to efficiently track, analyze and encourage users to exercise, eat healthier, hydrate, sleep, and meditate. Not all of these 'habits' are required; however, using them will bring the feature to its full potential! You can also set reminders and messages when certain targets are met.

Updates to Weight Tracker

Added health data dashboard : which will allow users to connect to Apple health or google fit

Click on Add metrics


To get started, Click the toggle buttons in the content tab of the habits that you want to allow users to track.


To set a custom message and frequency for user reminders:

  1. Click the toggle so that it turns green.

  2. Choose the reminder interval, such as 2 days.

  3. Enter a Customer Reminder Message, such as “Remember to login and enter your daily weight values.”

Success and Encouragement Messages

In this section, you can use the editor to edit and form one or two message types:

  • Success message — display this message when a user makes positive progress toward their goal weight.

  • Encouragement message — display this message when a user does not make progress toward their goal weight.


You can require that a user must login to use this feature. By requiring a login, a user must first create an account to access this feature. Optionally, you can restrict access only to users that have specific. See User Management and Tagging article for more information.


With tagging, a tag is applied to any user that opens this feature in your app. In the User Management page, you can see a list of each time a tag has been applied to each user. Tagging can be useful in hiding and showing content—or sending custom push notifications to various user segments. See the User Management article for more information.

To add a tag, enter the tag in the Tag Title field and click the Add Tag button.

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