Hi there! If you remember in our Configurations video, I showed you how to change your app from a Trial configuration to a Premium one, but I never showed you how to publish. Today, we’re going to go over how to do that and take it a step further. Are you ready to take your app to the market? Well let’s get to it!

Publishing Your App

First off, you’ll have to change your app’s configuration from Trial to Premium.

  1. Go to the App Management Section
  2. Click on Manage App
  3. Then under the Configurations drop-down menu, select a configuration you created in our other video that was Premium.
  4. Click Update
  5. Open that app, click Publish, and click Publishing Info

This will take you to the Publishing form. It is very important to fill out everything, but you are able to leave the the marketing and support URL fields blank. Now this might look intimidating at first, but don’t worry, 99% of the time you should be able to answer “No” or “None” to all of these questions. We recommend you still take the time to go over each question and answer it correctly, or else your app might be delayed in submission. Repeatedly submitting wrong publishing information can also be as a strike on your Google Developers account.

When you’re done filling out the form, be sure to click on “Yes, Submit for Publishing.” This will send your final app to our publishing team to submit!

After that, make sure to email wlsupport@buildfire.com with your App Name and App ID. This ensures that your app is submitted as quickly as possible! You can find your App ID under the App Management section.

Waiting for Google and Apple Approval

With that email sent off, you’re pretty much set with your app! Now you just have to wait for Apple and Google to approve it. Just to clarify, we have no control over publishing time since we are not Apple or Google. Google usually takes a few business days and Apple a couple business weeks to approve and publish your app. Just as we do not have control over publishing, we also do not receive any emails from Apple or Google — you do since you are the developer. If you receive any emails from Apple or Google in regards to your app, please be sure to let us know at wlsupport@buildfire.com. Again — all emails that you will receive from Apple and Google will not come through us, they will contact you directly and you have to let us know whether your app has been approved or rejected.

And that just about does it for publishing your app! We’ve learned how to change your app’s configuration from Trial to Premium, how to fill out the publishing form, and how to let us know once you’ve clicked the Publish button. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.


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