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What is the Language Settings Tab?
What is the Language Settings Tab?

In this article we'll go over the Language Settings Tab and how to use it.

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What is the Language Settings Tab?

The Language Settings tab found under “Settings” allows you to edit some of the phrases that have been hard-coded into the app that our translation feature is unable to translate automatically. If you are building your app in a language other than English, feel free to use this feature to manually translate these phrases.

You can also use the App Settings as a branding opportunity! Feel free to change up any of the phrases found here to better represent your app’s brand and voice.

The Language Settings can be found under Settings in the side menu of the Control Panel

What are the different sections of the Language Settings?

Let’s go through the different sections of the Language Settings. If you ever want to change the phrases back to the original default ones, we have included them next to each line for you. Make sure you click “Save” for your changes to take effect!


The Login section allows you to edit phrases and messages found when the users of your app login into their in-app profiles as well as Register a new one if they don’t already have an in-app profile.

Note: This section has been moved to the “User Login” tab under the “Design” tab. It can be accessed by either clicking this link in the app dashboard:

Or by clicking on Design -> User Login then clicking the “Settings” tab.

You will find the Language Settings under “Domain Settings”.

The Menu Strings section allows you to edit the phrases for the links that display in the side-menu.

User Profile

The User Profile section allows you to edit phrases found in the user’s in-app profile.

Edit User Profile

The Edit User Profile section allows you to edit messages that appear to users when they are editing sections of their in-app profile.


The Notification section allows you to edit phrases and messages found in the “Notification” section of the side-menu.

Access Code

The Access Code section allows you to edit phrases and messages found in the Access Code screen if you have it enabled in your app.

Push Notification Subscriptions

The Push Notification Subscriptions section allows you to edit phrases and messages that appear when people open up the app for the first time. This section will only appear if you have Push Notification Groups set up for your app.

Once you are done making the desired changes, make sure you click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page for them to take effect.

What is a Pro Tip you should know about the Language Settings?

Having worked with apps for years, we’ve learned a thing or two. So, to both help your app stand out and accomplish your primary goals, here’s a tip you should consider.

Pro Tip: You can remove a phrase entirely by typing a “ ” (space) into that field

Let’s say you don’t want to display the “Terms of Use” link in the side menu. All you need to do is enter in a “ ” (space) into that field and click “save” to make that link disappear.

Note: While you can hide them and adjust their wording, we strongly recommend that you leave the main links (such as Login, Notifications, and App Settings) displayed for ease of navigation around the app.

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