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How to Use the Educational Game Plugin
How to Use the Educational Game Plugin

A plugin that makes learning more fun for children.

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What is the Educational Game Plugin?

The educational game plugin is a simple solution that combines learning with a fun game designed for kids. Users will control an airplane in outer space that battles an enemy aircraft.

They’ll be presented with a series of multiple-choice questions throughout the game. For every correct answer, users are rewarded with ammo to shoot at the opposing plane. If they get a question wrong or wait too long to answer, the enemy aircraft will start shooting back at them.

Educational Game Plugin Features Explained

The plugin is straightforward to configure on the back end. Admins can add new levels, topics, and questions with just a few clicks from the dashboard.

  • Levels — Each level can be a different topic (Ex: Math 101, Math 201, History, etc.).

  • Checkpoints — Users can save their progress each time a checkpoint is met.

  • Questions — All levels will contain at least one multiple choice question.

  • Computer Strength — How strong bullets from the enemy plane impact the user’s plane health.

  • Computer Attack Delay — How many seconds a user has to answer questions before the enemy plane starts shooting.

All of these features can easily be configured by the app admin.

Common Use Cases For the Educational Game Plugin

The Educational Game plugin is a mobile learning tool. It’s commonly used for kids trivia, remote learning, and can be added to any app built for children.

This game isn’t advanced enough to be fun or challenging for adults. The intended use is really only designed for children, and potentially parents of children who want to play along with their kids.

How to Use the Educational Game Plugin

Configuring the game is very straight forward. Admins can get the game up and running in a matter of minutes. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial of how to use the educational game plugin:

Step #1: Add a New Level

The game cannot be played until at least one level is added. Simply click on the green “Add Level” button from the “Content” tab within the plugin dashboard.

A pop-up window will prompt you to name the level. It’s common to name levels by subject (Math, History, Science, etc.) or by difficulty (Math 101, Math 201, Math 301, etc.).

From here, you’ll be able to control the computer strength and computer attack delay settings as well. By default, attack strength is set to 55/100 and the delay timer is set to 11 seconds. You can change these by dragging the sliders accordingly. If the attack strength is set to 100/100, users will be killed with one shot from the enemy plane. If set to 5/100, it would take 20 enemy shots to kill the user’s plane.

The checkbox feature prevents users from having to start back at the beginning if they’re killed during a later level. For example, if you enable a checkpoint at level 1 and a user dies at level 2, they won’t have to re-play the first level.

The “Active” box indicates that the level is active in the game. If you’re working on a level that’s not ready for use quite yet, just uncheck the box until it’s ready.

Once the level settings have been set, click the green “Add” button to continue.

Step #2: Add Questions

Each level needs at least one question. Click the “Add Question” button from the new level you created in the previous step.

A pop-up window will prompt you to ask the question and provide potential answers from a multiple-choice list. Each question needs to have a minimum of two potential answers, but you can add up to four.

Then choose the correct answer at the bottom.

Click the green “Add” button to insert this question into the level.

Step #3: Continue Adding Questions and Levels

Once one level and one question have been added, the game can be played. But obviously, you’ll need more to make the game worth playing.

Just repeat steps one and two, however you see fit. You could add 10 levels with 10 questions in each or 100 levels with 1 question in each.

Even after the game is live, you can always go back in and change questions, remove questions, or add new ones.

What are some tips you should know about?

We’ve seen this plugin used in several apps, so we know what it takes to make the game fun and have success. Keep the following pro tips in mind as you’re configuring the Educational Game Plugin.

Pro Tip #1: Increase the Question Difficulty

There are two different approaches you can take to make questions more challenging. Either increase the difficulty of each question within a level or make each level more challenging than the previous one.

The first option is better if each level is its own category (ex. Math vs. Science). But the latter is better if the same subject is covered at each level (ex. Math 101, Math 201, etc.).

Pro Tip #2: Increase the Computer Strength and Lower the Delay Timer

Another way to make the game more challenging is by making the computer stronger at each level. So the questions may not necessarily be harder, but users will be forced to answer quicker.

Users will also be punished more for incorrect answers, which makes the game a bit harder.

Pro Tip #3: Enable Checkpoints

Checkpoints are optional. But from a gameplay perspective, it makes sense to enable this feature. This is especially true for levels with lots of questions.

For example, let’s say you have 10 questions per level, and a user gets killed at level 4. Forcing them to start from the beginning and retake the same 30 questions isn’t very fun.

Still have questions? No problem! Reach out to us and we’d be happy to help :)

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