Google recently updated their publishing policies.

This update requires that the developer account that publishes the app must be the direct owner of that app.

For example, if you created a restaurant app, Google expects that the developer account is tied to a restaurant owner. This is a failsafe for them to manage their content and understand who their users are and their apps.

In response to these policies, we ask that both you and your customers now create Google Developer accounts. For more information on how to create a Google Developer account, please see our article How to Create a Google Developer Account on Buildfire University. Buildfire will still be doing all of the publishing on your behalf, we will just need some information first.

First, you’ll have to go to your configurations tab and make some changes to all of your premium configurations.

If you haven’t made any configurations yet, please watch our Configurations video here first. Under the Platforms Included section, you’ll see that if you select everything except Android, nothing will happen.

But when you select Android, you’ll see this new section here.


This checkbox and email field will be used to help make the publishing process easy and efficient. By checking this box, your user will be required to create their own google developer account. The email you place in the email field should be an email you create, such as  or, that you can then give to our team. This information will allow us to publish on your client’s behalf.

In case you haven’t already done this, please email with the email and password to your publishing email. Again, the purpose of this email address is to allow your client to invite YOU to their developer account. When you provide us with the credentials for that email account, it allows our publishing team to access that developer account, and successfully publish their app.

Then, be sure to email your customers the How to Create a Google Developer Account *** and How to Add Our Publishing Account to Your Google Developer Account *** articles from the Knowledge Base. These will include everything they need to know about their developer account and how to add YOU to it.

I know, it seems a little superfluous and complicated, but it’s also very necessary. The risk you run with not complying with Google’s policies is your account can get shut down, thereby losing you access to all of your customer’s apps as well. This is why we require our users to do this, in order to forgo this risk.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at *** We’re more than happy to help! Again, thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time!

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