Hi there! Welcome to another video in our White Label series. Today, we’ll be going over the Previewer Plugin.

Previewer Plugin

The Previewer Plugin allows you to basically preview your app on your phone before it’s published live in the app stores. There are three most crucial benefits to the previewer.

  • The app will behave just as if it has been published. This is better than the emulator because it’ll give you a better idea of the app’s feel. For example, some plugins will not give you a preview of it on your control panel’s emulator, but will show up on the Previewer just as it would on someone’s phone.
  • If your business is structured so your customers don’t pay until after the app is published, then this would be helpful for them to see the result before the transaction is finalized.
  • If you’d like to build out a portfolio of apps to show potential clients, then the Previewer app would be a great way to showcase those apps without paying to have them published.

Now that you know what the Previewer is and why it’s important, let’s move onto how to create one.

Creating an App with the Previewer Plugin

First, you will want to create an app that is focused on your business. This app should include content such as Your Services, About Us, Pricing, etc. One of the plugins within this app will be the Previewer Plugin.

1. Build Your App

When creating an app, you’ll need to attach it to a configuration. We need to make sure that this configuration has the App Previewer Plugin attached to it. To create a new configuration go to Configurations and click Add New Configuration, and proceed to create a configuration making sure that the App Previewer box is checked. For more information on how to do this, check out our video on configurations here. Don’t forget to click Save.

Now let’s create an app. Go to App Management, then click Add New App. Give your app a name and select that configuration that you just created. Click Create.

Now that your app has been created, open it and proceed to creating an app for your business.

Please note, at this stage of the build process, we will NOT yet be adding the app previewer plugin. That comes later.

First, think about how this app would be useful for your users for reasons other than just using it for the App Previewer Plugin. Add a Smooch Chat Plugin to let them chat with you if they need help or an About Us Plugin with some more information on your business — stuff like that. For more information on how to build your app, please see our Customer Control Panel Overview video here. 

2. Publish Your App and Wait for Approval

Now all you have to do is publish this app. Please see our video on publishing your app here for more information.

Now wait until your app is approved and live on both the App Stores to add the Previewer plugin. Waiting until after the app is live to add the previewer plugin helps with the app review process.

3. Add the Previewer Plugin After Approval

Once you receive notice that it’s live, go to your Admin Control Panel, click App Management, find your app and click Open. Once there, go to Plugin, Add Plugin, then search for the App Previewer Plugin, click Add, name it. If you’d like to add it to the Side Menu, feel free to also check this box here. When you’re done, click Add. Now that your App Previewer Plugin has been created, you can also add it on your Home Plugin if your Home Plugin is set to either a Folder Plugin or Launcher Plugin. Go there, click Add Plugin Instance, search for your App Previewer Plugin, select it then click Apply at the bottom.

4. Click Publish Again

When you’re finished, don’t forget to click Publish. This will push your newly added App Previewer Plugin to your live app. There’s no need to resubmit — the changes should take place almost instantaneously.

How to Use the Previewer Plugin

To use the previewer plugin, you and your users will first have to enter a username and password after clicking on the previewer icon. If you are an Admin, just enter the username and password you normally enter when signing into your white label system. If you would like a client or colleague of yours to use the previewer, please be sure to add them as an APP OWNER to the app you would like them to view. For more information on how to do this, please see our App Management video here. Afterwards, they will be sent a username and password in an email, that they can use to sign in.

This is what the Previewer App will look like. If you’re an admin, then you’ll see lots of apps like this. But if you’re a client with only one app, then you’ll only see one app here. Logging in and tapping on an app will launch it and allow you to navigate it just as if it were a real app.

And that wraps up our video on the App Previewer Plugin. If you have any questions, please feel free to email our support team at WLsupport@buildfire.com. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time!


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