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Reseller Academy: Outbound Sales Strategies for Quick Sales
Reseller Academy: Outbound Sales Strategies for Quick Sales
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Now that you’ve got your White Label platform all set up and honed your marketing knowledge and prowess, you’ll find that you’re missing only one thing: clients.

Don’t worry, we got you covered here with three outbound sales strategies that will bring in quick sales: a video analysis, joint venture partnerships, and value offer cold emails. Throughout, we’ll also link to some resources to complement those strategies.The sooner you land your first client, the easier it’ll be to get the next. So let’s get to it!

Video Analysis

A video analysis is a piece of video content where you’ll analyze the gaps in their online presence and mention out the following things:

  • How they hold up to competitors

  • Point out areas of improvement in things like SEO, paid ads, social media etc

  • Data to back up your analysis

  • A call to action to become a prospect

The purpose of this video is to show them what they could possibly improve upon and your expertise and knowledge. By the time they’re done with the video, they should feel inspired and excited to reach out to you to learn more about how they can improve.

A basic outline for this video can be as such:

  1. Start with an analysis of their website. Find gaps such as in their SEO or PPC.For SEO we recommend using SEMRush. For PPC, we recommend Spyfu.)

  2. Move onto a side-by-side comparison with their competitor.You can also use SEMRush and Spyfu for this.

  3. If their website seems a bit slow, to a website speed test.We recommend Pingdom’s speed tool.

  4. If their website isn’t mobile-friendly, show this and explain how this can hurt their business (ie. customers are less likely to convert)

  5. Follow with a side-by-side comparison again with their competitor to really make your point.

  6. End with a call-to-action.

We have put together a video script and planner for your convenience. Check them out here. ***

Joint Venture Partnerships

A joint venture is when two companies or groups create a temporary partnership that’s beneficial to both parties, all while both parties share in the costs, risks, and rewards. They’re a great way to grow your business, especially if you partner with a bigger company than yours that has more resources and leads. Leverage their audience so you can grow your business. The way you should go about joint ventures is as follows.

Partner with Complementary Businesses — Not Competitors

Who should you partner up with? Basically, a business or company that is complementary to yours. If you working within the mobile apps space, then you’d want to partner with a digital marketing company. Good places to start would be to check out agencies and consultancies.

Contact the owner or a member of their business development team to offer a partnership opportunity. Aim to offer a percentage of revenue, cost per lead, or cost per closed sale; again, a joint venture partnership is defined by sharing costs, risks, and rewards so both parties have to understand that.

Use Your First Success as a Stepping Stone to the Next

Once you find success with one client, use those results to land the next one. There’s nothing more convincing than data and experience. Go to other potential partners and walk them through the metrics of how the partnership would work.

You can use an email template like the following.

Example of a Cold Email

Hi <first name>,

Would you be interested in doing a joint venture of sorts? I’ve been working with <ie. PR agencies> over the past few months to help them generate new revenue streams by offering free content to their clients and leads.

If you’re interested, just reply and I can fill you in on the details.

Let me know,

When they respond, feel free to share some of your success stories to convince them to partner with you.

Value Offer Cold Email

The value offer cold email is exactly that: an email to you send to strangers that offers them something of value, usually a call or a meeting of sorts. Ideally, this would be something of extremely high value and at no cost. We suggest the offer not be a sales call or free strategy session because everyone does that.

Instead, we suggest you offer a brainstorming session that’ll walk them through a marketing strategy for how to grow their business. On this call, you should get to know them and relate your newfound knowledge of their business back to your offering.

For example, you can ask them the following questions:

  • Do you have a mobile app?If you don’t, why not?If you do, how do you feel about that?

  • Are you doing PPC and SEO?If not, why not?If yes, how do you feel about that?

  • How much are you spending on PPC and SEO?

  • Are you getting an ROI your PPC and SEO spending?

After you get to know them a bit better, ask if they’re interested to get on a second call to further discuss where to go from here. Talk about competitors, go over their SEO and app, talk about possible improvements and then end by asking them “Where do you think we should go from here?” Don’t sell them your answer, because by making them come to you and answer that question, they’re more likely to pay you more. From then on, you’ll execute on this plan and negotiate payment and services.

Congrats, you now have your first client.

Courtesy of our very own marketing team, we’d love to share with you the cold email templates that we use ourselves when reaching out to new clients.

Case Study Cold Email Example #1 (70% open rate, 15-18% response rate)

Subject: $72,000 for a <industry> company last month

Hi <first name>,

We generated $72,000 in new, closed revenue for a client in the <industry> space last month. Would you like to see that strategy and do the same for <company name>?

If you want to know more about it just reply “yes” to this email.


Interview Cold Email Example #1 (almost 100% response, 80% open rate)

Subject: Interview

Dear <first name>,

I’m looking to connect with you for an interview.

I’ve been connecting with <industry> to hear their opinion on the challenges and trends facing their businesses.

I would like to connect with you to hear your thoughts on what you think is important for <industry> to focus on to generate new clients.

I’m happy to share solutions and insights from my conversation. More importantly, I’m looking to hear from you, a leader within the <industry> industry.

Let me know how you calendar looks next week for a quick chat.

Thank you,

Now that you have the basic idea and email template down, you might be wondering: where do I get the contact information to start cold contacting people?

Where To Get Leads

We have five places to recommend for getting leads.

  • Gives you 100 leads every time you search

  • Has advanced search filters (search by marketing budget, number of computers, people with phone numbers and/or addresses etc.)

  • When you’re prompted to give your credit card information, just click back and it will offer the 30-day trial again without requiring credit card information

  • Offers a 14-day trial

  • Gives you 100 leads every time

  • If you do make a sale, we highly suggest you subscribe to their service

  • Scrapes leads from LinkedIn, so this is great if your target market includes heavy LinkedIn users

  • Has advanced search options

  • It’ll pull email addresses from users, even if you’re not connected to them

  • Charges a flat fee for limited database use

  • Has over 100 million leads in their database

  • If you’re looking for a ton of leads at once, this is a great place

  • Use this when you’re ready to scale and invest (ie have a sales team and reach out to maybe 100+ leads a week)

  • Not recommended if you’re starting out

  • A platform for finding and hiring freelancers; not a leads database

  • Use this if your possible leads’ contact information are in places like YellowPages or Manta

  • Hire a freelancer to do the manual work of finding these leads and transferring them to a digital document that you can use

  • Usually 15 cents per email address, with an hourly payment of $10-$15 for the freelancer

Every resource is different and can benefit you in different ways when looking for leads. Before selecting one, make sure that it’s the best place to find your market.

How to Automate and Outsource These Strategies

When you start out, it might be fine to do all of this yourself. But once you start growing, it might be hard to keep up with all of the emails, responses, partnerships, and videos. Here are some ways you can automate some of the emails and outsource some of the work.


For automating emails, we highly recommend using  *** It’s low-cost all while still being fully automated. You will also need Google Apps for Work. *** Just import the email list to QuickMail through Google Docs, add the sequence you want to use, then add it to a schedule.

The basics of an email sequence is:

  • 1st email: Introduce yourself and create value

  • 2nd email: Do a quick follow-up, like “Did you get a chance to see my email?”

  • 3rd email: Follow-up one last time


The video analysis can be outsourced via Upwork or another freelancer website, as long as you provide them with the template and script.

Joint venture partnership research can be outsourced once you know your target business. Go to a similar freelancer website, then request a freelancer to compile a list of businesses that meet your target.

Outbound emails can be outsourced through Google Apps for Work with a Google Sheets plugin called Yet Another Mail Merge.  *** Simply upload the lists via Google Docs and send them in bulk. This doesn’t work for sequenced emails, but if you’d like to send a bulk message to a lot of people then this works perfectly.

Conclusion of Outbound Sales Strategies

With the video analysis, joint venture partnerships, and value offer cold emails, you’ll be landing customers and making quick sales in no time. With these strategies stacked on top of your business expertise and knowledge, you’re now ready to get out there and start building out your client list. Good luck!

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