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How to Set Up Your Account For In-App Purchases in App Store Connect for iOS
How to Set Up Your Account For In-App Purchases in App Store Connect for iOS

In this article we'll go over how to get your App Store Connect Account ready to add In-App Purchases to it

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What are In-App Purchases?

In-App Purchases (IAPs) are a great way to monetize your app.  Rather than charging a flat fee to download your app, you can offer access to specific in-app sections. This allows you to offer some content to the general user, but also offer ‘premium’ content/features of your app for a price. 

How do I create In-App Purchases for my iOS app?

IMPORTANT: Before you can create your In-App Purchases, you are required by Apple to request and fill out their Paid Applications contract. Here’s how:

Step 1: Log into your App Store Connect account here:

Step 2: Go to the Agreements, Tax, and Banking section. 

In this section, you will see the ability to request the Paid Applications contract towards the top of the page.

Step 3: Request and fill out the Paid Applications contract.

This is very important. You need the Paid Applications contract in place before Apple will allow you to charge for In-App Purchases. Make sure you fill out all of your Contact, Banking, and Tax information. If any of these are not filled out, the contract with Apple is not completed, so In-App Purchases will not work. 

IMPORTANT: Now that you have your Paid Applications contract filled out, you need to add the products (In-App Purchases) to your app’s listing. However, there are two different types that we currently support, Single (Non-Consumable) and Subscriptions (Auto-Renewable). Depending on what type of product you are charging for, the steps may be slightly different. We’ve put together specific articles to walk you through them. Here’s how:

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