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Android APK Delivery Automation
Android APK Delivery Automation
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Android APK Delivery Automation

You are now able to fully Automate your APK Delivery within BuildFire! This is exciting news and will allow you to speed up your Publishing process significantly.

Why should you Automate?

Time equals money. This is why all companies should treat time like gold. You and your staff spend countless hours doing endless tasks. This not only decreases their morale, and yours, but it also makes you feel overworked and overextended! Having a machine perform tasks for your APK will allow you and your team to spend time doing more important jobs.

How is this Process Completed?

The process itself is fairly simple and only takes a matter of minutes to set up. That said, you will need to operate in three different tabs for this exercise - The BuildFire Control Panel, Google Play Console & Google Cloud Console.

This Document will break the process down into several helpful snippets on how to implement it. If you should have questions, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist.

BuildFire Control Panel

  1. Log into your BuildFire Control Panel

  2. Once logged into your BuildFire Control Panel Click on the “Gear” icon located on the left-hand side of the account


  1. Click on "Edit Information"


2. Make sure your Google Developer Account information is filled out


3. Fill out the “Publishing Information Section”


Part 1: Google Cloud Console

  1. Open your Google Cloud Console Account

  2. Click on "My Projects" or Create a new project

  3. Click on "IAM & Admin" from the menu on the top left corner

  4. Click on "Service Accounts"

5. From "Service Accounts" Click on "Create new service account"

6. You will receive a dialogue box that you need to fill the service account name and description which are optional , And the Service account ID which is required

7. Click on Create and Continue, Select the Role as Service account user and click on Continue

8. Once we click Done , We navigate to the options "⋮" and click on "Manage keys"

9. Navigate to "Add key" and click on "Create new key"

10. From the Dialogue Box click on JSON and click on create , This will Download the file to your device , PS. This can only be downloaded once


Part 2: Google Cloud Console

  1. Click on the Top left corner and click on "APIs & Services" and from the menu click on Enabled APIs & Services.

2. In the search bar click enter "Google Play Android Developer API"

3. Click on the first result

4.Click on Enable

5. Once it is enabled, Click on the Top left corner and click on "APIs & Services" and from the menu click on Service Accounts.

6.Copy the Email in the screen

7. Go to Google play Console

8. Click on Invite new user

9. Add the email that you copied and select the app

10.Grant Admin access to the new user we added in the previous step and click on invite user on the bottom right corner


Last step: Upload the JSON file to the Control panel

  1. Click on Advanced - Publishing information

  2. Click on Edit information in Google's Play store

  3. upload the file you downloaded in step #10 in Part 1 and click on Save


There you have it! That was a lot of steps but now you are successfully linked up to Automate your APK w/BuildFire. If you should have questions on this process please reach out

Here's to your Success!

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