Media Center Manual Playlist Plugin

Allow app users to create a single global playlist of media items like audio and video.

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What is the Media Center Manual Playlist Plugin?

Media Center Manual Playlist is a companion plugin to Media Center Manual. With Media Center Manual, app owners can add media content such as videos and audio files for app users to consume.

Many app owners have multiple instances of the Media Center Manual installed, which they use to organize content.

For example, there could be one menu within the app for just jazz videos. Then there’s another menu with rock videos, and a different media center for each genre.

Media Center Manual Playlist allows app users to save video or audio files from different playlists into one singular global playlist. Then all of the files within that playlist will auto-play from the top town.

So an app user could take videos from your jazz playlist, rock playlist, and rap playlist—putting their favorite songs into one playlist. This isn’t possible with the Media Center Manual plugin alone.

Common Use Cases For Media Center Manual Playlist

When we see or hear the word “playlist,” we often associate it with music. But the Media Center Manual Playlist can be used in a variety of ways. It can be applied to any app that’s already using the Media Center Manual plugin to organize video and audio files.

Examples include:

  • Content apps

  • Education apps

  • Training apps

  • Internal business apps

Maybe you have a podcast and want to give your app users the ability to save their favorite episodes to a single playlist. Or maybe you have an app for employee training, and want to give your staff the ability to save the most relevant job-specific tutorials to one place for quick access.

How to Use the Media Center Manual Playlist Plugin

The plugin is fairly straightforward. But here’s an overview of how it works for end-users.

Step #1: Click an Existing Instance of Media Center Manual

Let’s say your app has different Media Center Manuals for music video genres. The user would start by navigating to one of those genres within the app.

In this example, I’ve selected the “Jazz” genre:

Step #2: Click the “+” Icon to Add Content to the Playlist

From here, your users can simply click the “+” icon on any video or audio file they want to be added to the single global playlist.

To add all the videos in that category to the playlist, there’s also an option for “Add all to playlist.”

Users can remove content from the playlist without navigating away from this screen. So let’s say they accidentally click the add button on a video they don’t want. They could simply remove that video by clicking the “-” icon.

Once a video has been successfully added, the following message will appear:

Step #3: Navigate to the Media Center Manual Playlist

Now users can view the playlist they’ve created and reorder the sequence. By default, everything will appear in the order by which it was added to the playlist.

Here’s an example of what this looks like with a mix of jazz and rock videos:

Note: There is a maximum of one Media Center Manual Playlist installation per app. But each app user has their own playlist.

Admin Settings and Features For Media Center Manual Playlist

Within your admin dashboard, you’ll see that the Media Center Manual Playlist supports a wide range of list layouts and design layouts. It also gives you the option to add a background image.

You can customize these settings by navigating to the “Design” tab of the plugin.

Set Auto Play Delay

If you want to set a delay between items on the playlist during auto-play, you can control that from your settings tab.

By default, this is set to “Off.” But you can change it to 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, etc.

Global Playlist Limit

Admins can also cap the number of items that app users can add to a playlist. This can also be found within the settings tab of your admin dashboard.

In the example shown above, the global playlist limit is set to 10. So none of the app users could add more than ten items to their playlists.

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