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Add a single-question poll to your app to gather information and user feedback.

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What is the Polling Plugin?

The Polling plugin is a simple way to drive user engagement within your app. When you have an active poll, a pop-up window will appear when a user opens the app—prompting them to answer a question.

This plugin currently supports one multiple-choice question with a list of predefined options for the user to choose from.

Common Use Cases For the Polling Plugin

Any app can benefit from adding the polling feature. Some popular use cases include:

  • App feedback polls

  • User opinion surveys

  • New feature opinions

  • Preferences for new content

  • Voting for an outcome

For example, let’s say you have an app for internal employee communication. You can use the polling plugin to gather votes for the monthly company outing. Whichever answer gets the most votes will determine where you’ll host the event.

Or maybe you’re a content creator that uses the app to distribute daily motivation videos. You can poll your users about their favorite videos or see what types of videos they want to see next month.

If you’re running an events app, you can use the polling feature to collect post-event feedback from attendees. This can help you learn what part of the event can be improved upon in the feature.

As you can see from these three unique scenarios, the Polling plugin is extremely versatile.

How to Use the Polling Plugin

Follow the step-by-step sequence below to set up your next poll using this plugin:

Step #1: Click the “Add” Button to Create a New Poll

After you’ve added the feature to your app, navigate to the “Content” tab and click the green “Add” button.

Step #2: Give Your Poll a Title and Choose Set the Duration

The first thing you need to do is name your poll. Next, set the duration by choosing a start date and end date. The poll will pop up when users open the app during this timeframe until they’ve completed the poll.

For this tutorial, I’m creating a sample poll for employees. I’ve set the duration for one week, starting on December 1st.

The title doubles as the question you’re asking for the survey.

Step #3: Add Poll Choices

Next, add the answer options to the poll. These options will appear as a multiple-choice selection for the users.

In this example, I’m giving employees the option to choose the location of the monthly company outing.

Note: You can add a maximum of 10 choices to the poll.

Step #4: Customize the Poll User Settings

As an admin, you can adjust some of the poll settings before it goes live. Let’s look at these options in greater detail:

By default, all of these settings will be blank. But here’s what happens if you enable them:

  • Tags — Any user that completes the poll will be assigned a tag (or tags) you designate.

  • Force user to sign in — The user must be registered and logged into their profile within the app to take the poll.

  • Force user to answer the poll — Users must submit a response to leave the screen and use the app.

  • Show results to the user — Users will see the results to date after completion.

Note: The poll will show up blank in the app emulator on your computer. That’s because it’s a pop-up poll. You can only see the poll when previewing it on your app or once it’s live.

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