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This article will explain what the Metrics Plugin is and How it works

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What is the Metrics Plugin?

The Metrics plugin allows you to track your business metrics with this feature by creating categories and updating how they performed based on the parameters you set. Easily compare the performance of your metrics over time and improve your business with these valuable insights.

How does it work?

The Metrics plugin is a powerful tool that will allow you to track business metrics that are important to you.

Once you open the plugin for the first time you will want to add a brief state on what this will be measuring. This will allow for a clear understanding of what is expected of the user.

Now that you have added a brief description you are ready to begin adding your Metrics! In order to do so, click on the Blue add icon. By doing this you will open the menu to add your first metric.

Add a tile to your metric. You have the ability to then select the minimum or maximum allowed for the measurement. Once you've set your labels you have the ability to add parent metrics that can be used to accompany your main measurement.

*Before you click on "Create Metric" you will need to upload an Icon for this metric. If you do not, you will not be able to create the metric and it will not save*

Once you've added that image, click on "Create Metric" and your first Metric will have been added.

You are able to add as many metrics as you would like to track here!

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