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Facilitate community challenges for app users and keep trackable scores.

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What is the Leaderboard Plugin?

Leaderboard is a dynamic plugin that drives user engagement within your app community. It tracks daily, weekly, monthly, and overall progress towards a goal—displaying the results in a leaderboard format.

The plugin will display the top 100 users for a given goal.

Here’s a simple example to explain how the plugin works. Let’s say you ask a question in the app—how many miles did you run today?

Whenever an app user finishes a workout, they’ll update their progress in the app. The plugin then tallies how many miles that person has run and displays the results on the leaderboard. All users can view who is running the most per day, week, month, and overall.

The plugin also sends push notifications to app users, alerting them about updates to the leaderboard.

Common Use Cases of the Leaderboard Plugin

The Leaderboard plugin can be applied to any app with a community base. It’s great for fitness apps, fan clubs, content apps, educational apps, and internal employee apps.

You can use the plugin to facilitate any type of scoreboard or challenge. Common examples include:

  • Fitness challenges (miles run, calories burned, etc.)

  • Yoga challenges

  • Meditation tracking

  • Employee challenges (deals closed, consecutive days worked, etc.)

  • Weight loss challenge

The potential use cases here are seemingly endless.

Let’s say your app has a community space for creative writers. You can use the plugin to track how many pages each user is writing per day. It puts the app users in competition with each other, encouraging them to work harder to climb the leaderboard.

All of this ultimately drives more in-app engagement.

How to Use the Leaderboard Plugin

Using the Leaderboard plugin is very straightforward for users and admins alike.

To start a challenge or create a goal for app users, simply ask a question or write your text in the “Content” tab of the WYSIWYG editor.

As you can see from the example, you’re also able to add an image to this screen.

On the user side, they just need to click the “+” icon in the bottom right corner of the app screen to input the value.

A popup will appear, prompting them to enter a number. In this case, they’ll be updating their progress for daily miles run.

In this example, let’s say I ran 5 miles today. If I input this score, I’ll see those results in the day tab:

Since no other users have entered miles today, it’s showing that I’m in 1st place for the day.

If I run 6 miles tomorrow, the plugin will automatically add that to my miles run the day before. Then I can see that progress in the weekly view tab:

As you can see, the plugin automatically added the miles run over two days (5 and 6), for a total of 11 miles run this week.

How to Reset Leaderboard — Admin Settings

As an admin, you have the ability to reset the standings of the leaderboard. This erases everyone's results in the challenge.

To do this, navigate to the “Settings” menu of your admin dashboard. Click the red “Reset” button.

A popup will appear, asking you to confirm your decision. Click “Reset” on the popup, and all scores will be permanently erased.

If you should have any questions on this let us know and we will be happy to help! Please feel free to reach out to

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