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Personalized Screen

The purpose of the feature is to allow the admin to show general content to all the users or to have an override for that general content/default content for specific or general users.

How to Use the Personalized Screen.

Step 1: type in the message you want to appear under “Header Content”

The message then appears on the end user’s screen

Step 2: Add the main body of the message under the “header”

The message will also appear on the end user’s app.

Step 3: Click on the “image icon” to add an image.

Step 4: Select any image of choice. Then, click “insert image.”

Step 5: Select the dimensions. Then click “insert image.”

This is the result below:

Step 6: Add “Default Content.”

Step 7: Input the content of the “default content.”

NB: there are options to edit whatever text you add as indicated with the arrow below

The default content will then appear on the user’s app.

Step 8: Add override instructions. Click on “Add Override.”

Step 9: Add “Title.”

NB: this is not an optional field. Therefore, your override must have a title.

Step 10: The admin can assign the override to users with specific “tags,” or select specific “users” from a list.

NB: The “tag” and “user” groups are not mutually exclusive.

To select a tag:

To select a user:

Step 11: Add the “content” of the override.

Step 12: Click on Save.

The override content will be displayed on the app.

Other important information include:

  • The “Header Content” will always appear for all users unless when toggled off. However, in the image below, it is on.

  • The “Header Content” is not going to change. The “Default Content” will change after inputting the override instructions.

  • When a tag or user is selected, they will see the “content” added under the “override details” in addition to the “default content”

  • An unselected user or one without the selected tag will only see the “default content” on their app.

Suppose you want to add another override. Click “+ override”

Then select “+ select user.” Then click “select”

Select a content to be displayed. Then click “save”

Therefore, this user will only see this override content and the default content

Finally, a user can have multiple overrides assigned to them. However, they can only see the latest override content.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to and we will be happy to help.

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