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Review and Approve (Version 2)**

Create a flow of submissions and approvals.

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The Review and Approve feature has two types of user roles:

  • Users who submit something for approval

  • Reviewers who have the ability to approve or reject submissions

Here’s an overview of how the feature works from each role.

As a User Submitting Something For Review:

Once you’re logged into the app, you can start a new submission by clicking the “+” icon in the bottom right corner of your device:

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of different form fields that you can fill out with your submission. These include:

  • Name

  • Location

  • Date

  • Status

  • Notes

  • Photo

To add a photo, simply click the camera icon, and you can select an image from your device.

When you’re done completing all of the fields, click the “Save” button, and your submission will be sent to a reviewer.

As a Reviewer Approving or Rejecting Submissions:

If you’re logged in as someone who has a reviewer role, your app screen will look slightly different.

You’ll see a list of all items that are pending your review.

Simply click on the image to expand the details. This will allow you to see all of the information that was submitted.

From here, you have the option to:

  • Approve the submission

  • Request more information from the person who submitted the entry

  • Add your own notes

If you request more information, the submission will be removed from the reviewer’s “pending” page and sent back to the person who submitted it.

A push notification will also be sent to the user, letting them know that their submission requires more information.

Once a reviewer changes an item to “Approved,” they still need to mark it as “Processed” to clear it from their queue.

As a User That Needs to Submit More Information on Something That Was Previously Submitted:

Users will receive a push notification if submissions require more information. When the app is opened, the item will be marked as “more info requested.”

From here, the user can add new images, add more notes, or fill out whatever information was requested by the reviewer.

Once an entry has been submitted, users can track the status as well. Submissions that have not been approved or rejected yet will be shown as “pending.” Users also have the ability to edit items while they’re pending by simply clicking the “Edit Info” button.

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