Pre-Publishing Dashboard

Dashboard guide to help you publish your app

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What is the purpose of the Pre-Publishing Dashboard?

The Pre-Publishing Dashboard allows you to easily track items that are needed to be finished before publishing your app.

Pre-Publishing Dashboard Support Video:

How to Use the Pre-Publishing Dashboard

Once you have access to your BuildFire Control panel, click on the Dashboard button on the top left hand corner.

From there, you will be able to see important information to help publish your app. You can see items such as suggested features, useful tips and your Publish Your App tracker.

In your Publish Your App tracker, you are able to check off items as they are completed to track your progress. Each step contains a hyperlink which will bring you to that section of the app to complete.

Once everything has been filled out, you are able to click Publish on the top of the Control Panel!

Note: Once you click publish, your Publish Your App tracker will appear showing your progress. You will still be able to Publish even if steps are not checked completed.

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