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Keep users within your app on track by sending them items that require their attention using this plugin!

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What is the Acknowledgments Feature?

With the Acknowledgments feature, you can send notifications and request acknowledgment for important messages that require that the users read the content.

Additionally, the acknowledgments plugin allows you to add deadlines and request the user’s signature.

Types of Apps that can utilize Acknowledgments:

  • Project management

  • HR

  • Legal Workers

  • Field Service

How to use the Acknowledgments feature

Create an Acknowledgment

Step 1: Click on “Add New”

Step 2: Select who you want to send the Acknowledgment

You can Send To: All Users, Tags, Custom Segment. In this example I will select “All Users”

Step 3: Input the Title

Step 4: Add the “Body” of the acknowledgment. This is an important message to be acknowledged by receivers

Step 5: “Require Action” segment allows you to add an action before the acknowledgment

Select “Add New” and you will see the Action Builder populate.

You can add any action you’d like then select “save.” The action will appear on the emulator like this:

Step 6: Require a signature

The first thing to do is toggle it on (it becomes green). Then, the signature option appears on the Preview page

Step 7: Turn On Confirmation Details

Turning on the confirmation details gives permission for acknowledgment. The first step is to toggle it on:

The next step is to select a date and time for the confirmation deadline

Suppose you want to send the acknowledgment immediately. You can do so.

However, if you need to send it later, no problem! Here is how to do that:

Toggle on the “Send Later” option

Select the time and date you wish for the acknowledgment to be sent out

Step 8: Active Status

The aim of this feature is to hide unconfirmed acknowledgments. Suppose you do not want to activate the acknowledgment. Then, you must turn on this feature.

Therefore, you must toggle it on so that the end users will not have access to unconfirmed acknowledgments.

Step 9: Submit your Acknowledgment

At the final step, you can select the “Submit” option to save all the new acknowledgments created. The new acknowledgment appears in the backend and Preview panel

How to Set a reminder

Step 1: click on the “clock” symbol

Step 2: Select the reminder time from the options available

The reminder is displayed until the confirmation deadline as shown below:

Step 3: After you are through with the entry, you can select “Confirm”

If you have any questions about the Acknowledgments plugin, please contact!

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