Hands-Free Loyalty Plugin Use

Streamline customer rewards with contactless tech for seamless, modern loyalty experiences.

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"Hands-Free Loyalty Plugin Use" refers to the solution designed in our Loyalty Plugin to enhance their customer loyalty programs.

This plugin allows users to interact with loyalty features without the need for manual inputs or physical contact, streamlining the customer experience. Customers can earn and redeem points, access exclusive deals, and manage their loyalty accounts effortlessly.

Ideal for businesses looking to modernize their reward systems, this plugin ensures a more seamless and hygienic customer interaction, aligning with the growing demand for contactless services in today's digital age.

In order to set this ups you will want to follow these steps:

Click on Settings

Select your Approval Type: Note that the system will default to "On-Site via passcode which will require the user to hand over their phone to a person in charge to put the passcode in.

In order to enable "Hands-Free" select the Set Approval Type to "Remote via App". The App owner must select a tag to identify who is authorized to approve these points.

People with that selected tag will need to approve those points by clicking on the icon on the top right corner of their loyalty feature display.

Please let us know if you have any questions support@buildfire.com

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